Your most popular blog post ever – a linky thing


Hey you the rock steady crew, and bloggers of the world and beyond.

You’ve all got one.

Your most popular post. That post which got loads of hits on yo’ blog for the sheer reason that it’s awesomes.

It could be something that you loved writing, it could be something that you found hard to write. Some day when the words flowed, the pictures looked nice, the feedback was good and the comments came thick and fast. And the stats? Well they just went through the roof! Or it could be something you wrote that suddenly got a load of views and you have  no idea why. Either way which one was it?

Which post in your whole blog got the most hits in a day, or is the most popular of all time? The post which made you think ‘YES. I AM ON IT!’

This is where you share the awesomes, you get to shamelessly plug that one that done best. Link up your post here and share the joy.

Show the world why this was your most popular and maybe get new readers, people reading over your archive and new followers or subscribers.

Please join up via the linky below which will be open for a year or sommat and share the love. Oh, and tell a friend. THIS is where the magic happens.

Thanks for stopping by and joining in and apologies for the terrible visual joke. I kiss you all on both cheeks.


23 responses to “Your most popular blog post ever – a linky thing

  1. What a great idea, Spence. I love reading posts that have been quite popular and trying to work out what the special ingredient was. It’s almost always well written or funny or poingnent but often that magical ingredient is that someone somewhere took a fancy to it and put it up somewhere else. That is what happened with my post about Baby names. I wasn’t on Facebook at the time, but someone put it up. It was the first post that every got over 100 hits on one day. I did recently break that record with my first post about the Ofsted, but as i recently did a 2nd part to that, I didn’t want to bore everyone with it again. The reason the first went big was because I was really looking for advice so lots of people RT’d and passed it on and the feedback I had was amazing. It actually helped me to get to the point I got to with the 2nd post.
    Anyway, I’m drawing breath now, Off to read some of the others.

  2. Okay so I’m linking the post which got the most hits everrrrrr! Think it’s something to do with the picture which I attached with it rather than my awesome words but hey!

  3. I’ll be reading now, just added mine which is a real early post and not that good but it gets searched all the time for My Little Pony Template, my Eldest daughter says it’s because of all the Bronies and Pegusisters online, lol

  4. OK, so I may have cheated a bit. This was my 6th most popular ever. I feel the ones above it have been hit hard by the spammers! This one was very popular with a lot of people and I had loads of positive feedback. It flowed when I wrote it and I thought (hoped) it was something good. Thanks for this, great idea.

  5. Great idea and thanks for sharing in my linky community. I’ve always quite liked how random things take off and some post never seem to get a visitor. Adds a bit of excitement to my day (I really should get a job, shouldn’t I!)

  6. I’ve just linked up. But I think I may have done it wrong. Never done this before. 😦 is there any way I can go back to add my most popular post or is it too late?

  7. I think mine was most popular more because it was big news, rather than being my best post – but still! There you go! Thanks for hosting.

  8. I have added mine today. Took me a long think to be ‘brave’ enough to post it. It may not be my BEST but it was my most popular and was hardest ever to write

  9. i must have missed this when it first went up, only saw it on twitter today- Added mine- for some unknown reason this post has had nearly 5000 hits, considerably more than its nearest rival- no idea why, tis a run of the mill, moderately amusing parenting post, nearly 4000 of them were within a week of posting, and another 1000 since- odd! Off to read the others, great idea for a linky! 🙂

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