Some things to make me feel a little better

I’ve felt a little flat of late. Not down or depressed or anything, just flat. There are lots of reasons for this, which I won’t go into, but today I decided that I  need to get some weapons in the armoury to help me deal with such moments.

The kids were at pre-school and so I was alone with my thoughts, and singing ‘Shipbuilding’ by Elvis Costello meant that these thoughts weren’t exactly 100% upbeat. So I thought of some things that I could do, should do, or should think about to make me feel better. Here’s what I came up with;

  1. Listen to Pass Out by Tinie Tempah. It has two lyrics in it which make me laugh: “I got so many clothes I keep some in ma aunts house” and “I bin Southampton but I’ve never bin to Scunthorpe.” Plus I can bogle to it like a good ‘un.
  2. Eat cheese. It always lifts my mood. Some people do chocolate, I do cheese. I do my cheese, your cheese and any cheese that’s put near me.
  3. Speak to a friend.
  4. Call BT and tell them about my new Spring deals. Surprisingly they put the phone down on me after the third call.
  5. Scoot around the garden on my son’s scooter. I always tell him to not go too fast otherwise he’ll smash into the garden fence and hurt himself. Perhaps I should’ve taken my own advice.
  6. Take a crap on the front lawn. The neighbour’s cats seem to enjoy it so why shouldn’t I give it a go?
  7. Put my shoes on the wrong feet and go for a walk, saying hello to everyone I meet. I did this but no-one seemed to notice my feet.
  8. Slide down the ladder from the loft with a banana in my hand and pretending to blast Darth Vader’s stormtroopers to bits upon landing. I did this 16 times.
  9. Clean something.
  10. Imagine Olly Murs putting on a hat which he didn’t know was full of runny, watery shit.
  11. Hop around the house pretending to be a frog. Then pretend to be a riding a horse escaping from the massive frog that’s chasing it. With clip clop noises and all that.
  12. Climb inside a duvet cover and walk around the house pretending to be a slice of toast.
  13. Listen to Simply The Best and imagine the lyrics, which you’re singing loudly in the garden, are all about you. Contemplate having it as your ringtone or doorbell.

And so I did some of these things, and did I feel any better? A little. But my flat mood lifted much quicker when the kids got home and T asked me if he could help me make dinner, and my daughter gave me a cuddle.

What do you do to boost you up when you’re feeling a little deflated?

First published March 7th, 2012.


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