An appointment with my GP

This morning I had a GP appointment, to review my anti-depressant medication.

It’s always hard taking the two children to such an appointment but it has to be done. Thankfully the GP has some toys in a little box to stop my children from wanting to play with the sharps bin and fiddle around in the GP’s drawers.

‘So Spencer. How have you been?’

Before I could say anything T answered for me.

‘Sometimes Daddy is sad’ he said without looking up from the car he was playing with on the floor. ‘Sometimes Daddy cries and cries but he always says that me and K**** make him feel BETTER!’

‘That’s nice’ said the GP.

‘Yes. It is. Daddy has some tablets which he must take. But we mustn’t touch them.’

‘That’s very wise’ she said. ‘So how’re things at home?’

‘Daddy’s leaving home soon. I will be living with mummy and K**** but Daddy will come to see us. I’ll miss Daddy but Daddy loves us.’

‘I’m sorry to hear that.’ The doctor looked at me with a concerned face.

‘It’s okay though. Mummy and Daddy will always love us. And I will love them. And so will K****. Hooo-RAY!’

‘Well. As long as you’re taking the medication and you seem to be coping okay. Do we need to review the medication? Increase the dosage?’

‘No. Daddy is feeling happy today.’

The GP smiled. ‘Well, that’s great. Any other problems? I’m sorry to hear about things at home.’

‘No. Daddy is verrrrrr HAPPY.’ exclaimed T jumping up and throwing his arms out wide. He ran over and gave me a kiss.

‘Well. We’ll keep things as they are and remember, if you need any assistance at any time just call us and we’ll make time to see you, or call the crisis team. But make an appointment for a month’s time and we’ll do a review.’

‘Okay.’ said T. ‘Fank yooou. See you soon. Byyyyyyyyyyye.’

And that was that. Next time I might say something.

First published March 13th, 2012.


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