Funky, stylish, retro and chic. Vinyl clocks are the perfect gift for Valentines or any other day

Vinyl Clocks

I said CLOCKS you filthy people.

If you’ve racked your mind, and STILL can’t think of what to buy someone for Valentine’s Day then perhaps some thinking outside the box is required. And outside the box is where I come in. Sit right down now, and take a look at Vinyl Clocks –  trust me, I assure you you’ll find the perfect gift for the loved one that you love.

I was gonna write this post with idea that a gift from Vinyl Clocks is a perfect gift for someone you love this Valentine’s Day but I’m gonna go with the idea that this is a perfect gift for anyone at any time.

dark side of the moon vinyl clock

Question *Does Beyonce style pose*: Can I get a special song of my own special choosing which will be something special for that special person in my special life?

Answer: YES! You can either search the site to try to find a record you’d prefer, or just go for a Lucky Dip Vinly Clock, and get a random choice which could be anyone from Fleetwood Mac to Terry Wogan, or pick one of the number ones. You can also contact them to see if they can find something special for you which isn’t on their list.

Question *Does Beyonce style pose again*: Doesn’t a clock go tick tock, annoying the ticking tock out of me and my loved ones? What if my loved one hates ticking tocks? Will they dump me after such a purchase?

Fools Gold

Answer: Don’t be a plank. Although the mechanism isn’t completely silent, there is no “Tick Tock” with a Vinyl Clock. They use the EZ Quartz Sweep movement. The second hand moves in a smooth continuous sweeping motion instead of one second steps which means no tick tock. Ya dig? Trust me. They won’t dump you for this. You could buy it for Valentines Day, a birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, a leaving present, a ‘Sorry you’re feeling a bit shit’ present. A gift for a friend. Something to show them they mean something to you. And to show what excellent taste you have.

Question *Does Beyonce style pose again*: Okay, you got me. I’m sold. I’m thinking of buying a C’Est La Vie  by B*Witched vinyl clock for my boyfriend who’s doing valuable charity work in St Kitts and Nevis. Can it get shipped to him out there?

Answer: Yes. Vinyl Clocks can send to anywhere from Albania to Zimbabwe including Burkina Faso, where those relatives of mine who send me those emails promising me $15,000,000 US dollars are from. However, while Vinyl Clocks cannot guarantee the state of your relationship after the gift arrives they do offer a no quibble returns policy should your boyfriend not like B*Witched.

Question *Does Beyonce style pose again*: Okay, but stuff like this is molto expensivo right?

Answer: Always the questions with you? What is it with the questions? No my friend. Prices start at £13.95 with postage at £1, so for under £15 of your Earth pounds you can get an original, thoughtful, damn fine looking gift.

A gift like this shows your friends in your case it’s DEFINITELY up here for thinking and down there for dancing. Vinyl Clocks look great and yep, they tell the time too. Stylish, innovative and creative. Recycling going funky and chic.

Follow the award-winning @VinylClocks on Twitter and get chatting to Tim who’s a lovely chap who knows his music and knows how to create timeless memories for you or anyone you know.

Thanks for reading. Oh, and this is the one they sent for the purposes of this review. And a good choon right? Fire up the disco ball and lets bust some moves…


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