Guest post: Parenting – The Darker Side by @citygirlnomore

This is @citygirlnomore’s entry for @dustandlove’s fiction competition. Details of the competition are here, and  the wonderful @citygirlnomore asked me to host it. Obviously I’m honoured to do so.  She’s one of Life’s good ones, so I’m happy to help a good friend in any way. Here’s the piece.

Parenting – The Darker Side

“Let me In!”  Head splitting, body trembling, focus and reason lost.  One sole aim.  To get through to the other side of the door.
Uncontrollable sobs deafening me.  The sort only heard when there is real pain, real confusion.  My own arms slamming against the door hysterically.   “Let me in!” I beg helplessly.

Finally, a crack, a glimmer of hope.  A light appearing through the top of the door, I’m making progress.  Sobs turn to shock.

“I’m opening it”.  More sobs.

Such relief, such utter and complete relief. I am in time.  Grasping my child who only yesterday was a baby in my arms and never wanting to let go.  I had got to him.  Clenching, hugging.  Hugging again, removing fears and bad images he’d been exposed to through friends. Time for reasoning would come later.
Nothing is insurmountable.  Nothing cannot be put right by a loving parent.  Realisation that you cannot be there to stop every single bad thing happening.
Next the calm.  Total relief at being there to hold that hand; to wipe that tear.  To teach and show  he hadn’t been wrong, he’d just been out of his depth.  Exposed to things  he was never supposed to understand at his tender young age.

Other parents are not so lucky.

The End


4 responses to “Guest post: Parenting – The Darker Side by @citygirlnomore

  1. A brave, unsettling piece of writing. Made my blood freeze a tad whenI read this one. “The End” is a hot slap in the face to be enjoyed. Loved it.

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