Around The World of Movies, in Under 80 Words – American Hustle

American Hustle

Just before Christmas I had dinner with my girlfriend, her children, a friend of hers and her son Taylor, and I was totally blown away by how smart and determined, and how engaging and funny Taylor was. Is even. When I was 15 I couldn’t say boo to a shy goose, but Taylor is a really bright and confident lad who loves movies and loves writing.

I spoke to Taylor about an idea I’d been thinking about for a series of bloggles. Short and snazzy, fab and funky film reviews. He didn’t think it was a crazy idea, unlike my one about a urinal in the shower cubicle, and so… dah da daaaaaaaah…

Welcome to Around The World of Movies in Under 80 Words.

Movies. I love them. All of them. Except Forrest Gump. That was shit. And it’s from this deep-seated love of film and things filmacular that I thought I’d start doing this series of bloogs and so, to kick it off, Taylor has kindly written me a review of a film he saw recently with his eyes.

Seriously, I’m honoured to publish Taylor’s writing here as I think he has a bright future ahead of him and I’m keen to help him in any way I can. So, over to Taylor…

Around The World of Movies in Under 80 Words – American Hustle by @taylorwileman

American Hustle an Oscar contender? Yes!

In simple terms, American Hustle is a con film where the FBI get involved to take down the corrupt part of the US government. But it’s not the story that keeps you intrigued, it’s the characters, and director David O’Russell’s characters are key to this story.

The standout performance BY FAR is from Jennifer Lawrence who has real onscreen presence.

Overall the film is DEFINITELY going to win awards.


So, based on Taylor’s review would you see this film? I certainly would, and thanks again to Taylor for taking the time to write for this here blog. I hope he continues to do so and please give him any encouragement you can. You might just be reading the first published work of a very famous writer…

If you want to contribute  then please let me know. Email your review of ANY FILM AT ALL to and I’ll post it here. As long as it’s under 80 words…

Thanks for reading and happy movie watching.


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