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If you followed me as @SAHDandproud on Twitter and now as @ADadCalledSpen then thank you – it’s very much appreciated. You may know I was a stay-at-home dad (SAHD) for 3 years. I have two children, one of each flavour, but following my divorce, I’m no longer a SAHD. Hence the name change from that one to this.

My son was born in February 2009 and my daughter 20 months afterwards, in October 2010. They say good things come in small packages and they are proof that this is true. They are my world and I will strive, in everything I do, to make them proud of me. This blog is something which I hope they’ll look back on at some point in their lives and read. Maybe they’ll find out a bit more about me, about how I was when I was writing it, maybe they’ll find out more about me as a person as opposed to Daddy. And hopefully they won’t be too embarrassed.


Being a SAHD was, undoubtedly the best job I’ve ever had. The toughest also, but every day was a joy. Even the shit ones. I was lucky to be able to do it as I know not everyone has this opportunity.

You might also know that I’ve suffered from depression since I was 17, and I have some bad times. I’m working on this. Suffering from this terrible illness is tiring and a constant battle, but it’s one I intend to win, and right now I’m doing very very well and can see the wood for the trees again. It’s good. I’d forgotten that for a bit.

I blog to get the noises out of my head. I blog for me, and if you like what I do then great. If you don’t? Well, there are plenty of others out there which may float your boat. I’m not very creative, I just write from my heart. A good friend gave me this advice, write from your heart, and it’s the only way I do it. It’s the only way I can do it.

I also do some reviews when the opportunity arises. Not sure if they will very often, as I don’t write in a conventional way, but if you do want me to review something then please get in touch.

I was honoured to be asked to speak at Britmums Live in 2012, and doubly honoured to be asked again in 2013.  I am still in shock though as I won the Writer category at the event in 2013, and so I’m still waiting for someone to come to my gaff and tell me there’s been some terrible mistake.
I’m also an Editor for Britmums, compiling their monthly Dads Round-Up which I love doing. It gives me a chance to look for new blogs as I love reading blogs and reading the words of people far more talented than I. So many people have such rich and interesting stories to tell, experiences to share, and their words inspire me. It’s true, this is not me blowing smoke up people’s arseholes, but each blog post I read gives me something new, makes me think a bit, and I learn something. It’s all golden.

I’m also on the Only Dads and Only Mums advisory board and I’m keen to support them in any way I can. I’m also a social media coordinator for Saying Goodbye who I’ve supported on Twitter since they started and who do such great work for families and parents who’ve lost a child either during pregnancy or in infancy. Please take time to look at both organisations websites and give them any support you can. They’re great people doing great work for families and parents.

I’m 41 and I like cheese. For a while I forgot what else I liked or used to enjoy but I’m now enjoying being me again. Guess what? I realised recently that actually I’m a pretty decent bloke. I enjoy blogging. It’s cathartic, it helps, and I’ve met some wonderful people by doing so. True friends.

So, get yourself a cuppa and a biccy and sit yeself down. Put your feet up. Take the weight off your slingbacks. And if you feel like dropping me a line asking me to review shizzle, asking any questions about blogging, asking anything about me which you might like to know an answer to in more than 140 characters then please email me at adadcalledspen@gmail.com or just say hello on Twitter.

TTFN and thanks for reading. Much love and I kiss you all on both cheeks.


20 responses to “About Me

    • And thanks to you too. Hope you know just how wonderful I think you are. So there, nurr.

  1. Welcome back! I have missed reading your blog. I suffer from Depression and other Mental health issues so can empathise with how to you feel.
    Please try to remember your not alone – (yes I know easier said than done sometimes)
    Take care.

    • Thanks for coming back and remember, if you ever need a natter on Twitter then just drop me a line. I may not respond immeidately but I will, eventually. Take care of yourself too. Please.

    • Many thanks, I hold you entirely responsible for me starting it off in the first place. 🙂

  2. Hello – just seen the update to this. Not on Twitter that much but when I am, you are my favourite. Depression is a shitter and no mistake, as are relationship breakups and so on. Keep on trucking. I am not actually sure what that means (if you’re not a trucker) but it sounds pretty positive anyway. xxx

    • Thanks. I’ll keep on trucking, even though I’m not a trucker. I’ll buy myself a Yorkie bar though, so that may help me channel my inner trucker. 🙂

  3. Hi , really enjoying your take on things. I’m not a parent, but of I was , I’d have matching converse too! Appreciate your honesty about the depression (that’s familiar to me), cheers. Keep ’em coming

  4. Thank you for listing me in the blogs you love. 🙂

    Btw, I make cheese for a living, let me know if you’re in the area!

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