World Book Day – what’s your favourite book? #WorldBookDay


What’s your favourite book?

For me, it’s an easy answer.

The pop up Kama Sutra.

But for others it may not be such an easy question to answer. Some people have a few favourite books. I  know some people with a Top 20. You might even have a Top 50. And your favourites might even have to be categorised. For example, ‘what’s your favourite children’s book’ may not be a straightforward question. We might have to talk about your favourite book when growing up, the one you love to read with your children etc etc…

But don’t fret. With World Book Day coming up you’ve got enough to fret about, namely which costume your child is gonna wear to school. But take a moment from trying to cobble together a Harry Potter costume out of cardboard to take a wee look at the Miles Kelly website for some bloomin’ brilliant kids books.

The reason why I’m pointing you in Miles Kelly’s direction is because I’ve been part of Miles Kelly’s Secret Book Giver campaign, which is a bit like Secret Santa but with books so therefore better. Nurr. Someone picked a book for me and the children in my life, and I picked a book for another parent blogger and the children in their life.

Parent blogger. Hmmm. Seemingly a passé term mais non? No-one admits to being a parent blogger any more. Everyone who used to be a parent blogger is now a ‘lifestyle blogger’. But that’s a point for a different, more controversial post methinks…

The book sent to me from the Miles Kelly inventory is brilliant. Looky looky!


I bloody love encyclopedias, so the person who chose this for me was spot on! Thanks to them, and thanks to Miles Kelly for inviting me to take part in this brilliant idea.

Miles Kelly

So, I think I now have a new favourite book. After all, I do love a good hard fact.

Follow Miles Kelly on Twitter for some brilliant kids books, and as it’s World Book Day on March 6th, I ask you *Looks at you* the question what’s your favourite book? And if you had to go in costume to a World Book Day event, who would you go as? Please let me know in my comments hole.

FYI, I’d go as Max from Where The Wild Things Are. Always.


Oh, and thanks for reading.


5 responses to “World Book Day – what’s your favourite book? #WorldBookDay

  1. I’d go as inky the mouse from the boy’s favourite book at the moment Jolly Phonics – Jolly Stories. We read it every night at bedtime with the boys listening for the letter sounds as I read.

  2. This looks like a brilliant scheme ! I feckin hate world book day – and that’s coming from an ex bookseller . If I attempt to dress my daughter as any kind of legitimate book character, she just gets upset when she sees the sea of Disney Princess regalia when she gets to nursery.

  3. There’s one kids’ book that can bring a tear to the eye of soppy old me: Me…by Emma Dodd. When she was little my eldest would always ask for this book and it’s a simple tale of a penguin who knows his/her parents love them.

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