#TeamHonk hits Barnsley – raising money for @SportRelief

I've got the @Team_Honk baton. Boomshanka!

I’ve got the @Team_Honk baton. Boomshanka!

And so it’s almost upon us. The time for the me to take the hallowed baton of Team Honk and do some rather silly things to raise money for Sport Relief.

Friday, February 28th, 2014. Here’s the plan.

9.30am: @adadcalledspen meets the Barnsley FC football team (@bfc_official) to do a relay with players at Oakwell. Yeah, football skills. I’ll teach them all I know. Back of the onion box!

11am: @adadcalledspen meets at Eden Mobility (www.eden-mobility.co.uk) for some tea and sandwiches and to meet Dan Jarvis MP, who will be kicking off The Ride of The Mobilities.


12pm: @adadcalledspen and a flotilla of mobility scooters leave Eden Mobility for Barnsley Town Centre. *Cue Ride of the Valkyries music*

1pm: Various events and sporting fun at Peel Square, Barnsley with the help of Team Activ (@team_activ). There’ll be rowing machines, street dance, we’ll be shooting hoops, and generally being active and sporty. Someone please bring a defibrillator as I am getting on a bit.

2pm: Barnsley Black Heart Roller Derby team (@BarnsleyBHR) meet @adadcalledspen to take the baton around the town centre. On roller skates. Pray for my soul as I can’t skate.

3pm: I shall be in a corner, exhausted as the event winds down and I’m poured into a pint. Or a pint is poured into me.

Saturday sees @thisdayIlove take the baton, so please wish her all the luck in Luckland and follow her timeline for more South Yorkshire based tomfoolery. Remember if you wish to sponsor this insania then please do. Even £1 will make a difference to someone. Click here to Sponsor Spencer and keep an eye on Twitter for some rather bonkers photos.

Time for some thanks methinks and some silly nicknaming.

Much love and huge thanks to Wendy and all at Eden Mobility for really getting behind this and making it happen.

A big shout out to Lynsey ‘Maverick’ Morris and all Active Response Security – @Active_Response

Big up the lawyers. Arooga! Many thanks to Irwin Mitchell who sponsored Team Honk to the tune of 250 of your Earth pounds. I’m so grateful, so thank you @irwinmitchell.

We’re on the march with Danny’s army. Thanks to all at Barnsley Football Club especially Mark ‘The Legend’ Stokes –

Giving it something active in a team focussed way. A huge honk to Jude, Darren and all at Team Activ – @team_activ

The best things on skates. I’d call them ladies but they’ve already told me, they ain’t no ladies! Huge thanks to the Barnsley Black Hearts Roller Derby Team. @BarnsleyBHR

Thanks to Dan ‘The Man’ Jarvis MP for his time, and a big manly hug and fist bump to the awesome Antony Hill at Barnsley Town Centre Management for giving us a small piece of Barnsley for a wee while so we can raise money to improve the lives of some of the neediest people in the UK and overseas.

Thanks to Red, who has put up with me waking at 4am thinking about all this all coming together, and for generally being bloody wonderful.


And thank you to you *Points at you*, if you’ve sponsored us. If it’s £25, £50, £15 or even £1 you’ve made someone’s life better. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I’m welling up now.

It’s gonna be emotional.

Bring it on.

Thanks for reading.


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