Saturday Caption Time


I’m joining in with @Mammasaurusblog’s SatCap Saturday Caption link after a brief period of injury. But my torn bevilled spill-truneon is fixed now and so I’m back on the field, lurking in the box and sticking them deep into the back of the net.

So, in the name of sweet mother Mary and all the saints what the Mr Bojangles has gone on here?


Answers and comments, captions and witticisms in my comments gash, please. There’s a prize for the dirtiest and most depraved and why not join in and do your own or take a lookster at some more by clicking on the link below.

Thanks for playing.



14 responses to “Saturday Caption Time

  1. You have been having some ‘private time’ ? No Kleenex at the ready. Cum on mate. Pull your finger out.

  2. Well….I just I just put this finger up my OWN bum and boom….like an explosion in a tippex factory.

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