Spending your free time balls deep in arts. #GreatBritishBudget


I’m writing this post because I’m part of the #GreatBritishBudget bloggers panel and because last weekend I did some Life maths.

I spent something valuable, Time (T), doing something free, Looking At Art (LAA), with someone priceless, my gorgeous girlfriend but person in her own right (GNB).



We went to an art gallery to look at some paintings by an artist Red’s recently discovered she likes, an artist called John Atkinson Grimshaw.


Nice innit?

Grimshaw was a Leeds-born painter who didn’t do all those mawkish Victorian-genre paintings of street urchins holding wounded puppies, but preferred to concentrate on Landscapes and townscapes of places he loved. He reminds me of Casper David Friedrich in a way, with a bit of PRB thrown in but anyhoo, Red likes him and I’m also a fan. Something about the above painting is very pure and this photo doesn’t do it justice because it’s not a cold look at all, it’s a warmer magnolia which doesn’t make it feel like a snowy, wintery scene.

Gotta love a bit of art eh?

Ahhh. Art. My second favourite A word.

So, last weekend we went balls deep into a load of arts and visited Leeds Art Gallery to look at some paintings by Grimshaw. With our eyes.

Gallery Entrance

Someone going in. You can’t see but she’s smiling because she’s about to see loads of awesome FREE art.

I usually spaff a load of old gibberish on this here blog, but being serious for minute I really do love spending time in art galleries, and anyone I’ve ever been to a gallery with knows I cavort around and get quite excited and quite giddy. I think it’s being surrounded by high culture and people with po-faces doing that scratching their imaginary beard and going ‘hmmmmmm, ooooooh, ahhhh, sublime brush strokes, amazing chiarascuro’ thing. If I see nice tits in a painting, I’ll say ‘nice tits.’ You get me? Perhaps I just skip excitedly around wanting to puncture their supercillious posturing and wanting them to drop their ‘know it all’ looks. Perhaps I want to click the heels of my boots against the wooden floor and dance flamenco style around the room. Anyhow, for me, it’s fun.


I have a duvet cover by Habitat which is EXACTLY like this

Art is cool and… guess what’s even cooler? A lot of it is free to see.

Free. My second favourite F word. And so, for this here me, spending some time soaking one’s nethers in high culture for free is a great way to have a good time, learn something, have a bit of a laugh and all for no money spendification. In fact the government, local councils, lottery funds and benevolant philanthropists of this world have spent their money making sure that you can see these things for free. So why not do it eh?


Reflections of Westminster, by John Atkinson Grimshaw. A view I know very well and I’ve often tweeted from this spot.
I am, in fact, that lady with the dog in the foreground

Park Row-horz

Park Row, Leeds, by John Atkinson Grimshaw and Park Row, Leeds, as it is now.

Go out, take the kids, take your loved one, take your mum. Take them all goddamit! Spend a few hours wandering around a gallery and take a look at some of the finest specimens of art created by some of history’s finest artists. And Tracey Emin. Don’t go to the cinema this weekend, or spend time paying to do something, when you can save your pennies and get a tummy full of art and take part in the Great British Budget.

Nice segue Spen. Smooth.

The Great British Budget is all about making your hard-earned monies go a little further. And I’ll be posting a series of blogs showing how to do fun stuff, for as little outlay as possible. Join in the Great British Budget here, and sign up to the Money Hub app, a great budgeting tool which will help you work towards financial goals easily, so you can save your pennies and buy something amazing. Or perhaps buy a gift for your favourite bearded daddy blogger, bearing in mind that Valentines Day is a few days away.


Which reminds me. Hmmm. Next post for the #GreatBritishBudget. Valentines Day on a budget? Not sure my my gorgeous girlfriend but person in her own right should be reading that one but anyhow, I digress…

Follow the hashtag GreatBritishBudget, sign up to Barnaby the budgeting pig’s daily tips and follow @yourwealthuk on Twitter for a gallery full of ways to save money, molto fun budgeting tips and hints, and oodles of awesome competitions, and perhaps you might save enough to buy your very own work of art.

FYI, for full disclosure, I didn’t receive any inducements, incentives or income for writing this post. I just think budgeting and the Great British Budget campaign is a really good idea.

Thanks for reading, now go forth and budget. I kiss you on both cheeks.


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