Are @amazon now selling a guide to rape?


When it comes to sex, no means No right?

Not according to this book which Amazon are selling. LMR Exposed: How To Overcome Her Last Minute Resistance To Sex, Turn ‘No’ Into ‘Yes’ And Get The Lay!

No means no. Otherwise it’s rape. And for Amazon to sell this, as well as To Train Up A Child, which I was talking about last year, means they really SHOULD start looking at the content they peddle.

When I asked Amazon to withdraw To Train Up A Child from sale, a book which encourages child abuse and violence towards children, a book which prompted over 200,000 people to sign petitions, has been linked with the death of three children, and has over 400 customer complaints on Amazon’s own site, I was met with this response from Amazon’s UK PR Manager;

Amazon does not endorse the content of any book that it offers. This book has been widely debated in the media, and on Amazon, for many years, and anyone who wishes to express their views about this title is free to do so on its product page on our website.

Yet, as we know from articles like this, Amazon DO remove items from sale under public pressure. And the awesome Kellie has also written about this book here. Nice work Kellie, and I think we all need to make a noise and a fair bit of stink about this. Again, my point of view is not one of banning a book, but simply asking a retailer to be aware of what they selling and to pull stuff which is offensive. As they have done before.

Enough is enough Amazon. It’s time to review your internal policies, listen to what your customers say, and withdraw books from sale which encourage abuse, as these two books do.

If you agree, then please email the UK PR Manager of Amazon UK at with your thoughts. If you don’t then fine. Move on. I’m not entering into a debate about censorship I’ve made my view very clear many times.

Thanks for reading.


7 responses to “Are @amazon now selling a guide to rape?

  1. I’m shocked to see such a book on sale, especially at a time when campaigns about sexual consent.and the notion that ‘no means no’ have been gaining increased publicity.

    • I guess Amazon don’t vet what they sell until it’s flagged. They should, I think, as their self-publishing guidelines state that they don’t publish offensive material and by offensive they state something glib like ‘what you would find offensive is what they would find offensive’.
      This isn’t the only thing that’s on my radar. To Train Up A Child is still for sale, and Amazon should withdraw this book too as it only exists on their site so they can profit from it’s sales. The book is freely available online or direct from the ministry which publish it so for Amazon to sell it shows they prefer to profit from it’s notoriety.

    • Thankfully this was removed within hours of this post. So, if Amazon can do that for one book then why not To Train Up A Child? I’m befuddled as to why they won’t but I shan’t give up.

  2. This book does NOT at all encourage abuse or rape.

    And I invite anybody making any kinds of claims about my work to actually purchase and read it, rather than uncritically repeat what others are saying about it like sheep.

    I understand that the idea of ‘turning no into yes’ has a certain ring to it that may lend itself to overzealous misinterpretation. However, I absolutely do NOT advocate ignoring a woman’s genuine disinterest or coercing her in any way.

    EVERY man who has seduced many women is aware of this phenomenon. And EVERY man with this experience *persuades* the woman. Seduction is about persuasion, but certainly not coercion.

    My critics have intentionally mischaracterized both myself and my work because it makes for a good story. Fine. They have no problem calling me a rapist when I’ve never done or advocated such an awful in my life and I never will. Fine.

    Yet libeling a man, threatening him, calling for his imprisonment having done absolutely nothing wrong—THAT doesn’t trigger moral outrage from these folks. But an independent business selling what it wants DOES? lol

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