Guest Blog Post: David Cameron does Meal Planning Monday


I love eating, and I’m an organised kinda dude, so each Sunday night I sit down with my pen and wall charts and go about planning meals for the week. I’ve yet to blog about Meal Planning Monday and so, this new year, I’ve decided to do so.

Meal planning can help you organise your day and week effectively, allowing you more time for those mundane tasks we know you all secretly love, like cleaning.

You don’t like cleaning? Well Kirsty Allsopp says you do so you must!

Or you must love it SO secretly not even you’re aware of how much you love it. And that loathing of cleaning, ironing and scrubbing the wee stains from under the toilet is just a cunning disguise for how much you actually love it. You love it. You do.

But meal planning isn’t all just fun fun fun, it can also help financially too. Rather than just buying things daily in Waitrose you can think about what you’re cooking for the whole week and buy in bulk, which, as we all know, can save monies.

So I’m kicking off my Meal Planning Monday blogs with a guest blog by none other than David Cameron, the Prime Minister.

Meal Planning Monday by David Cameron, Prime Minister and MP for Witney, Oxon.

This government has faced some tough choices. We’ve worked hard, with the British people and for the British people, on key issues such as;

Helping young people buy their own home.
Getting the long-term unemployed back to work.
Freezing fuel duty.
Backing marriage.
Cutting the deficit.
Creating jobs.
Creating wealth.

We’ve worked hard to rescue an economy which was badly managed and brought to its knees by a carefree and reckless Labour  government that didn’t see the value in careful economic planning for the future. A Labour government that was afraid, and too keen to stay in power, to make bold and drastic cuts which will benefit us all, both in real terms now, and for generations to come. A Labour government that simply didn’t recognise the values of such things like Meal Planning Monday.

If you’re anything like me, then your £142,500 salary has to go further these days, in tough economic times we all share. It is with this in mind, and with an eye to future opportunities and attracting foreign investment to this great country of ours, that on Monday we go out for a chinese meal. We need the Chinese to spend more, save less – consume more and not be so focused on exports, and so by leading the way, and spending around £30-50 a head, including alcohol, we’re showing the world that we’re not afraid to spend money to attract foreign investment. Plus, I can claim it back on expenses.

Tuesdays are different. We have all had to make cut backs, and so at Number 10, roast swan is only at weekends now. Or from Thursdays to Sundays.

On Tuesdays the cook makes a delicious onion soup, from onions that are locally grown and sold all across Europe. We export a lot of onions, and in these tough economic times we should look towards making a lot of dishes with onions. I believe with our agricultural expertise, we can deliver a more flexible, adaptable and open european onion.  I don’t just want a better deal for Britain. I want a better deal for Europe too. So I speak as British prime minister with a positive vision for the future of the european onion. A future in which Britain wants, and should want, to play a committed and active part. With some garlic bread on the side.

Wednesdays we have burgers, and by doing so we’re cementing that Special Relationship we have with our friends across the ocean. France. Where horsemeat is cheap.

Thursdays, as I said, it’s swan. Swan swan swan, all the way. We have swan sausages wrapped in swan pancetta. Or as we call them ‘Poor people in blankets’ due to the rise in fuel prices.

Meal planning can help your money go further. We’re a government working hard for the poor and we’re succeeding by creating more poor people than ever before.

The great Margaret Thatcher once said “We are in the business of planting trees for our children and grandchildren or we have no business being in politics at all.”

That is what we are doing today.

We are planting trees for generations to come. And on these trees, in years to come, will grow the fruits of our hard work. Fruits we can all share. Subject to tax and postcode.

The Party I lead is the party with the verve, energy and ideas to take this country forward. The Party committed to putting fruits into hardworking British people. The Party I am proud to lead, The Conservative Party, is a Party of fruits.

I believe that this the right way to provide this country with the strong, the stable, the good and decent government that I think we need so badly.

And when we’ve found the government this country needs so badly we’ll let you know.


Thanks very much to David Cameron for Meal Planning Monday. And thanks for reading.




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