To Train Up A Child. Yep, I’m still banging on about it.


Been a bit quiet on this subject of late. Sorry about that. It’s not been off my radar at all, I’ve just hit a brick wall with regard to how to carry on. But now I’m back. Oh I’m back, believe me.

Seeing this piece on the BBC website, following a conversation with the journalist last Monday, has made me perk up a bit.  HQ keeps telling me to ‘Perk up posh boy’ and… well. I have. Advice duly noted and taken on board.

And, checking back on the book on Amazon’s website, has also put some hoopla in my moopla, so to speak. I’ve been looking through the comments made by Amazon customers which make for interesting reading. I’ll pop some down here.

Remember, Amazon’s official response has been this:

I would like to clarify that Amazon does not endorse the content of any book that it offers. This book has been widely debated in the media, and on Amazon, for many years, and anyone who wishes to express their views about this title is free to do so on its product page on our website.

Amazon’s customers official response go like this:

  •  I am in real shock that Amazon are selling this book, it is absolute drivel and is shocking that in this day and age a book of this nature is allowed to be made and sold, Amazon please remove NOW
  • The author should be prosecuted for encouraging violence to towards children. And so should Amazon for making money from selling this book.
  • I’m not an advocate of the act of book-burning, but in this particular case, I think I’m willing to make an exception. Following this book will only cause harm to your child. This is not training or discipline, this is abuse.
  • This is a disgrace for Amazon to sell this book. I do not advocate censorship, but many of the things advocated in this book are illegal in Britain, so I think that Amazon should be prosecuted for selling such a book.
    I realize that Amazon is not aware of the content of many of the books it sells, but when it is clearly abhorrent to the vast majority of its customers, this should be taken into account.

Shall I go on? Yeah, why not eh?

  • Amazon should be deeply ashamed to be earning money off the back of this book’s sales.
  • I’m disgusted that Amazon still stocks it.
  • This has to be one of the worst things i have seen on amazon. The fact this company continues to sell it suggests far to much about the company itself.
  • I implore Amazon to remove this book from sale. It uses religious dogma to advocate violent disciplining of children as young as 6 months of age. It has been implicated in the torture and death of 3 children in the USA and the abuse of countless others.
  • Having rung customer services I am told this is the only way my concern can be expressed and they say they will not remove it at this time. I will not be buying anything from amazon until this book is removed. This book describes practices which are illegal in the UK and USA and which are against human rights, what more does Amazon need to remove it.
  • I too urge Amazon to reconsider their decision of selling these types of books.
  • Would rate this minus stars. To invoke God in punishing babes is revolting. Children have died as a result of following the practises they suggest. Amazon refuses to stop selling this book as they have no moral compass although all other major retailers have.
  • this book disgusts me. the fact that amazon sells it disgusts me. beating a child is wrong. if you hit an another adult, then they can fight back but a child can’t. it is never right. please remove this book from your sales amazon.

That’s enough. No more comments. I’m sure Amazon get it now.These are not all the comments by a long way. There are hundreds more.

Surely Amazon must see that their loyal customers want this book removed from sale. To keep selling it in the face of such comments, and complaints, despite over 200,000 people signing online petitions asking them to remove it from sale, despite tweets about it, news articles about it across the world, and despite the fact that this book has been linked with the death of three children to keep selling this book is, in the words of their customers,

  • sick
  • Appalling
  • Disgusting, appalling, shocking and dangerous

Take a look yourselves. The comments are all here and more and more are coming in.

The BBC piece mentioned above, I think, contains a crucial bit of info which shows a bit more about the psyche of the people who write the book. It mentions how the authors say that sales of the book are boosted by attacks made on it. To be accurate this is NOT the case as the book is steadily slipping down the rankings despite more and more attention in recent weeks. So, they’re talking claptrap. Deluded nonsense which also is shamelessly self-promoting a book which encourages violence towards children.

You see, this sickens me even more as those ‘attacks’ against this book aren’t born out of moral outrage because people are bored. They follow news of how another child has died as a result of parents taking advice from this book. So the authors are happy to profit from sales made off the back of a child’s death.

Seems so.

And so are Amazon obviously.

Amazon need to withdraw this book from sale now. People have given their opinion on this matter and so many have asked Amazon to withdraw this book from sale that surely, they must do this. I’m not quite sure how we can make them act on this.

Oh hang on a minute.

Hmmmmm. I have a cunning plan…

Anyone got the ability to print these petitions for me, and a spare Santa suit? I feel like taking Amazon a present. Gift wrapped of course.

In the meantime, please keep tweeting, blogging and talking about this. Let Amazon know how you feel.

And thanks for reading, for your support and for all the help you’ve given so far. Some retailers HAVE removed this book from sale and you did that. Not me. You ALL did that. So well done all of you, and thank you.

If you’re new to all this, then here are some previous posts by me on this subject:

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Thanks again, and I kiss you all on both cheeks.

3 responses to “To Train Up A Child. Yep, I’m still banging on about it.

  1. Great post Spencer. Keep up the good fight! There has to come a point when it can’t all fall on deaf ears.

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