Reasons why @Amazon should withdraw To Train Up A Child from sale. Now.

Hana Sean Lydia

And so, despite numerous letters from supporters of this notion, despite letters from campaigners and supporters to MP’s and ministers, both political and spiritual, despite numerous complaints from customers across the world on their own website about this, despite over 180,000 names on petitions, and despite a CNN news report Amazon are still selling To Train Up A Child.

Why? Why are they still selling this book when so many people, including their customers, want them to withdraw it from sale?

Well. I’ve tried contacting them and haven’t received a response. Perhaps they just don’t like me after my first Open Letter to Jeff Bezos and my subsequent posts on this subject. But one campaigner did get a reply.

This is Amazon’s response.

‘I just wanted to send you a quick follow-up e-mail on our chat discussion about the availability of “To Train Up a Child: Turning the hearts of the fathers to the children.” I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you about this.
Our Content team has worked with the Publisher and though book has been calibrated on several occasions, the decision has been made to keep it up this book for sale.
I understand you’re upset and I regret that we haven’t been able to address your concerns to your satisfaction.
We won’t be able to provide further assistance for your request, in this regard.’

Not good enough  is it?

So. Amazon. Here’s my response to your decision to put profit before child safety. My response to your refusal to withdraw from sale a book which encourages child abuse.

Reasons why @Amazon should withdraw To Train Up a Child from sale. Now.

Hana Sean Lydia

Hana Williams aged 13, Sean Paddock aged 4, and Lydia Schatz aged 7. Look at the pictures. Beautiful children aren’t they? Three children killed by parents using punishment techniques advocated and encouraged by To Train Up A Child. Three children’s lives tragically ended by people who followed advice in this ‘parenting’ book Amazon refuse to withdraw from sale despite hundreds of thousands of people asking them to do so.
Who knows what these children could’ve become?
Who knows how they felt in their last minutes?
Scared beyond comprehension and in unimaginable pain. Beaten to death by those who chose to Train Up A Child, rather than giving them the love and care any parent should give a child.

Actually, I don’t need lots and lots of reasons do I? The deaths of Hana, Sean and Lydia whose parents followed methods encouraged in this book are surely enough for Amazon to do the decent thing, the moral thing, and to withdraw To Train Up A Child from sale.

If you want to help, then please continue to email Amazon. Try their press office at and tell them how disgusted you are that they’re still selling this. Write to your MP. Tweet this post and the following and let’s try to get #BoycottAmazonProtectChildren trending. It may get their attention;

I pledge to boycott @Amazon until ‘To Train Up a Child’ is withdrawn from sale #BoycottAmazonProtectChildren
Please RT if you agree

Imagine what the children in the photo above, Hana, Sean and Lydia went through. The horrors they experienced.  The beatings. The abuse. The pain. If Amazon withdraw this from sale, then a child might be saved a night of being beaten with plumbing tubing, or canes, and a life could be saved. Again, to reiterate, I do not suggest this book is banned. Merely that a worldwide retailer acts responsibly and withdraws this from sale.

Thank you all for your help with this and for all your efforts. Waterstones, Hive Stores, Foyles and Wesley Owen have all removed this book from sale and that’s down to you. Thank you. Truly.  And thanks to them for listening. I hope their actions prompt Amazon to follow suit.

And every word I’ve written on this subject, every tweet I’ve sent, every moment I’ve spent thinking about this and what to do next, is dedicated to the memory of Hana, Sean and Lydia. Three children who went through such unspeakable suffering before their eyes closed for the last time and they were released from the Hell on Earth they’d experienced at the hands of monsters who followed the advice in this shameful book


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