The Gallery – Nature

The Gallery

Joining in with Tara’s The Gallery again and the theme this week is Nature.

Nature. Lovely natural nature.

I was tempted to post a pic of me, au natrel, but that might put some off their lunch. So. I’ll post a picture I took a few weeks back.

It’s a photo of nature doing it’s thang.

I’m not the greatest photographer in the world. In fact someone, who shall remain nameless, used to call me the WORST photographer in the world. Once on holiday I spent ages lining up a photo of an old temple, skyline, horizon, all that. Only to see that I’d included a waste bin right in the centre of the shot. To be fair it was a shite photo but with practice one gets better. And after such criticism one doesn’t feel like practicing.

But I like this photo. I’m proud of it and it makes me smile like a loony. And maybe this pride and smiling lunacy might make me think that actually I’m NOT the worst photographer in the world, and might cause some of those damning voices in my head, placed by others, to quieten down a bit.

It was taken on a walk back from a shop on a Sunday morning, and this was right over my destination.


I think that’s a good sign don’t you?

Nature. Being all awesome.

So, why don’t you click on the linky below and join in the fun.

Thanks for reading and looking.


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