THAT Book ‘To Train Up a Child’ and why people are so angry….


A brilliant post on To Train Up A Child which explains things more eloquently than I could ever put.



So, by now you’ve probably become aware of the twitter meltdown that has occurred as a result of ‘that book’. You might have read some of the articles and blog posts about it. You might already have made up your mind about what you think – you might think it’s disgusting, you might have signed the petition. For all those that haven’t, for whatever reason, this post is addressed to you.

Let me start by explaining why I feel so strongly. I am a mother who has watched my daughter blossom into the centre of my universe. When I was pregnant, as a future first time parent  I was desperate for advice. I bought every parenting manual I could get my hands on. Why would I trust my own instinct when I had never embarked upon this before? Now, as an older and somewhat wiser veteran, I’ve come to…

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