To Train Up a Child – who’s still selling it.

So. A success of sorts. Amazon and Apple have still not responded. But Waterstones and Foyles have removed To Train Up A Child from sale, which is great news. Thank you to all at Waterstones HQ and at Foyles for their efforts, and thank you all for your RT’s and tweets and support which has helped with this. It’s good to see another retailer being responsible for what they sell and deciding to withdraw this book. That’s Waterstones and Wesley Owen and Foyles who have removed this book from sale. So all are back on my christmas card list.

In fact Wesley Owen said this when this topic was mentioned to them;

“This is not a book we would ever stock or would ever want to stock, and I can only apologise that it has been mistakenly listed on our website. We will deal with this as soon as we can.

Once again, thank you for brining this to our attention. I can only apologise for the presence of the book on our website.”

Foyles said this;

“Thank you for your email drawing attention to the availability of How To Train a Child by Matthew and Debi Pearl our ebook website: this was the first we had heard about the book, so we appreciate your highlighting it.

We rely on third-party feeds to keep our databases of available titles up-to-date and while we do limit this feed as much as possible, the sheer number of titles now available means that it is not always feasible for us to examine the credentials of each title individually; this means that occasionally titles that we would not wish to carry have slipped through.

We agree with you that this is an entirely unsuitable item and we have now removed all versions from our site.”

As I’ve said before, this is not about censorship, but merely about online retailers withdrawing a book from sale which advocates and encourages hitting babies and young children with sticks and belts. It’s good to see that these major retailers have a responsible attitude, are keen to safeguard and protect children, and do not want to profit from the sales of a book which advocates child abuse.

Other retailers should do the same and I think it’s time for these two to follow the lead set by Waterstones, Foyles and Wesley Owen, don’t you?

The Book Depository

book depository

Looking forward to hearing from them about this. Withdraw this book from sale, like Waterstones, Foyles and Wesley Owen have. And let me know when you have. Thanks.



Just to remind you all at Amazon, over 53,000 people have signed petitions asking for this book to be withdrawn from sale. Many people have written to their MP’s to ask if something more can be done. NSPCC have called for Amazon to withdraw this book from sale and have asked Amazon ‘to consider whether it’s acceptable to profit from books, or any material, that supports child cruelty.’
And the comments on Amazon’s own website that go with this book ASK Amazon to withdraw this item from sale.

Amazon. Three retailers HAVE removed this from sale because they do not feel it suitable material to sell, three retailers who might now be getting your business.

If Amazon continue to sell this item they are showing two things. One, that they do not listen to their customers. And secondly that they are willing to profit from the sales of a book encouraging child abuse. A book which has been linked with the death of another child in the US.

It’s simple really. It’s time for them to do the decent thing. The sensible thing. The right thing. Take your fingers out of your ears, stop going ‘la la la, we’re not listening’ and withdraw this book from sale. Amazon, you HAVE withdrawn other things from sale in the past when confronted by the public about this, so it’s time for you to do this now.

If you want to help then please tweet the following, perhaps we can get them to listen.

I urge @bookdepository & @Amazon to follow @waterstones and @foyles lead. Remove To Train Up A Child, which advocates child abuse, from sale

Thanks for all your help and your continued support, comments on my posts, tweets, RT’s and for generally being shamazeballs. I hope common sense prevails and the above suppliers pull this book from sale PDQ. It can’t happen without your help, so if you can do something, anything, then please do. If you know of anyone else selling it then please email me and I’ll add them to my Wall of Shame. My email is

Thanks for reading and for being awesome. No you hang up… 😉


6 responses to “To Train Up a Child – who’s still selling it.

  1. So proud of you Spence, for creating great change but having the balls to stand up to those horrid bullies who have scared others of us off before. Nealry there….

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  3. I was completely oblivious to this book until I saw the article on-line in the Examiner about the death of another girl as a result of this book. Horrified, I wrote about it on my website, posted to Twitter and to my facebook page and reported it to the NSPCC. I have emailed Amazon and not surprisingly I too have not received a response. I would like to see Norman Baker in his role as Crime Prevention Minister with the Home Officer get behind this campaign and have asked him to do just that. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for all that you are doing to stop the sale of this sickening book.

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