To Train Up A Child – What MORE can we do?

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Aren’t you lot a whole heap of awesomesauce? As Nicole Sherzinger might say ‘You’re shamazeballs!’

I’d like to start this bloggle by thanking you all for your support with trying to get Amazon and others to remove To Train Up A Child from sale. People are talking about this terrible book and that’s a good thing, and the media picked up on it last week. Awareness about this book has increased, and not in a way that benefits the authors. I think we can all see what this book is, and no amount of posturing by the authors will ever disguise the fact that this book is advocating child abuse, and that is not acceptable.

What is also unacceptable, in my eyes, is Amazon’s response to this. The book was pulled from sale for 48 hours as it was under review, but it’s now back on sale. Boooooooooooooooo! Down with this sort of thing.

Amazon have said ‘Amazon does not endorse the content of any book that it offers. This book has been widely debated in the media, and on Amazon, for many years, and anyone who wishes to express their views about this title is free to do so on its product page on our website.’

Okay. So that’s Amazon’s standpoint. But this isn’t enough. Amazon HAVE removed books from sale in the past, under pressure from customers who made a big noise about them selling offensive material or have threatened to boycott their site.

Petitions online show that over 53,000 people want this book removed from sale. That’s a lot of people. And Amazon are sticking their fingers in their ears and going ‘la la la, we’re not listening’ which is shameful.

So. What more can we do? How else can we apply pressure on this company, and others, so they remove this book from sale.

If you’re keen to continue supporting this then here are some ideas.

1)  Tweet this.
I’ll be boycotting @Amazon until they withdraw To Train Up A Child, a book advocating child abuse, from sale.
Please RT if you’re with me.

2) If you’re on Facebook, then go to this page and Like it or add your comment. There has been some lively debate about this issue so please add your comment, best wishes, or simply state what you want Amazon to do.

3) Write to your MP.  It’s simple to email MP’s directly now and you can find out who your MP is here. It should take you through to their website, which should include contact details. I know some people have done this already, and if you have then thank you very much.

4) Talk about this book. Make people aware of it. Talking about it isn’t a bad thing. Talking about it makes people aware of how horrific this book is. Again, this isn’t a debate about free speech, censorship, or smacking children. It’s simply an issue of asking a retailer to be responsible, and to stop selling a book which encourages hitting 4 month old babies with sticks. Blog about it and I’ll be setting up a linky which will have all these posts in one place. Hopefully.

5) Tweet people about the book. Celebrities, journalists, anyone you like. It’d be great to get a name on board with this campaign. Anyone know David Beckham’s email address?

In return, here’s what I’ll do.

I’ve been seeking advice this week about the legal aspects of this. Are Amazon committing a crime by selling a book advocating beating children with sticks, and are the publishers inciting or facilitating the incitement of criminal behaviour towards children?
I’ve got some people looking into this, including a police officer who will be talking to a QC next week about this issue, so I’ll keep you posted.

I’ll be contacting Amazon again, and I’ll try to organise a meeting with someone in their London office, in order to have a face to face. I’m working on that today so hopefully we’ll sort something for next week.

I’ll also be contacting other retailers who stock this book and asking them to do the same. @lulasticblog wrote about one retailer that has stopped stocking it so we’re getting somewhere.

I’ll be talking on @CroydonRadio with @SwaziRodgers about this on Saturday 16th November from 10am – 11am. Mum once said I have a face for radio so this is obviously an ideal forum to get this message out there.

And I’ll keep on keeping on. The support so many of you have shown for this campaign is brilliant so thank you all so much. Special mentions go out to @MentallyJaded @NadineDorriesMP @NSPCC @SayingGoodbyeUK @SarahsLogin @byblechyld @DownsSideUp @mammybear84 @Secret_Father @lulasticblog and to @millihill who kicked this off over a year ago, and has put so much energy into this.

And again, thank you to anyone who has hopped on board with this. For each tweet, RT, share or Like, I kiss you on both cheeks.

It’s up to us now to carry this forward. Are you with me?

We CAN make a difference. We CAN do this. And if you want to support this then please reblog this post, tweet it, Facebook it and share it with as many people as you can.

Thank you all again. And if you don’t know what on earth I’m jibber-jabbering about… here’s where it all began.

And thanks for reading.


8 responses to “To Train Up A Child – What MORE can we do?

  1. Thank you for all your hard work Spencer, so many of my friends are now discussing this book and have signed the petition. I contacted Foyles Bookstore last month and received this reply;
    “Thank you for your email drawing attention to the availability of How To Train a Child by Matthew and Debi Pearl our ebook website: this was the first we had heard about the book, so we appreciate your highlighting it.

    We rely on third-party feeds to keep our databases of available titles up-to-date and while we do limit this feed as much as possible, the sheer number of titles now available means that it is not always feasible for us to examine the credentials of each title individually; this means that occasionally titles that we would not wish to carry have slipped through.

    We agree with you that this is an entirely unsuitable item and we have now removed all versions from our site.

    Many thanks again for your assistance here.”

    So some retailers are listening!

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  3. I became aware yesterday that this disgusting book is also available to buy in the kobo store. I emailed them today, I hope their customer service is better than Amazon. You’re doing a fantastic job.

    • Thank you. If Amazon hear everyone, listen and take notice of what people are saying, then I am sure they’ll do the decent thing, the moral thing, and remove this book from sale. Along with other retailers.
      Thanks for getting involved and for making a stand.

      • It might be a good idea to have a list of retailers who are still selling this book, and a list of those who withdrew it. If this is already available, please let me know. Otherwise it would be very useful, I think.

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