The Gallery – A Younger Me

Joining in with Tara’s The Gallery theme again and time to dig out an old photo of the Me when I was a puppy.

So. This is the younger @adadcalledspen. @aboycalledspen if you will. I think I’m 4 and it’s a photo taken when I started at some form of school or nursery. Thing is, I kinda remember it. I remember hating that jumper as it made my neck itch. I remember the photographer and that weird umbrella thingy photographers have by the backdrop, all of which was set up in The Big Hall at school.

I also remember the photographer saying I looked like one of the children in a film called The Village of The Damned. They had scary eyes apparently.

This photo was always on show at my gran’s house. And she’d look at it and tell me I hadn’t changed a bit. Perhaps she always saw that little boy, and not the teen or the man I became. Perhaps that’s why she cared so much.

So. Here’s that younger me. Looking slightly scared.

Don’t look into the eyes. Look around the eyes, not into the eyes.

Younger Me

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Thanks for looking and don’t have nightmares.

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6 responses to “The Gallery – A Younger Me

  1. Wow! The eyes really haven’t changed. Lovely that your Nan kept the photo up for so long and was so proud.

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