A single mum and poverty


If you’ve NOT read this post by @Greenleaf_Be then you must. It’s important. It’s also honest and brilliant and honestly brilliant.

The struggle of a single mum in modern day society

Hello, I am Deborah. I am a single parent of two gorgeous children. I live in one of the most affluent parts of the world, Flanders. And I like to talk to you about poverty.

We all know about poverty one way or another. On a daily basis we get confronted by harrowing images of underfed, badly clothed, often extremely ill children and adults, who are most probably also plagued by (civil) war. Not a day goes by, or we see images on the news from Somalia, Syria, Pakistan and other far away countries. “Third world poverty and problems” are spoonfed to us regularly. So much so, we have started to take it for granted.

You might ask yourself, why does a woman in such a rich region of Europe want to talk about poverty and the cost of living? Well actually, and this isn’t an easy subject for me…

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