I started a post…


So. I spend one day away from Twitter. ONE DAY, and I return in the evening to find my timeline choked to the tonsils, metaphorically speaking, with mentions of penises and beakers.

Why is this?

And why penises? I always thought penii would be a better plural but I digress.

If you’ve NO idea what I’m on about the details are here. A poster on Mumsnet bravely talked about their post sexytime actions and asked the question, ‘Do you dunk your penis?’

I feel almost obliged to respond.  Almost.

But instead I feel compelled to blog something about today. Today is World Mental Health day and, while the above may not be the best segue into this topic I started to write something and this is where I’ve ended up. Writing about mental health. A bit.

My brain is a random place to be sometimes. It’s good though, so if you’re in there make yourself comfy.

As you might know from previous brain spaffings on this blog I’ve had that thing called depression. It’s been there and then done one and then came back and then lurked for a bit, and then I’ve stared it in the face and told it to fuck the fuck off, and fuck off some more while fucking off and it did. I quite like doing that.

I know a lot of people who’ve had times where they’ve felt low. I’ve spoken to lots of people about this subject as I think talking about it does help. Okay, sometimes we talk about stuff and feelings maybe resurface. Not good ones. Memories and images. A sudden opening of the floodgates which maybe, emotionally, take you back to a time and place which makes you feel sad for a while. But I hope when you do talk about it the other person listens. Gets it. Gets you and I hope it feels better.

World Mental Health Day. We can talk about this ‘thing’ and hopefully reduce the stigma around this subject. I spent time, not enough time as it goes, with someone spectacularly awesome yesterday and we had a brief chat about some issues and events in their past which made them feel low, sad and out of their depth a bit. It was a good talk. I like this person and it’s good to know they felt comfortable enough to talk about these things with me. I felt honoured. I still do. So, thank you YOU for opening your heart, and I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a hug at that time. We were in a car and if I had then we may have ploughed into a lorry, and that would not be a good way to end that talk.

Lets talk about stuff. What gets us down and maybe it might help us, and others. I’m always open and honest about my issues and not many people run screaming into the distance when I am. Reach a hand out to someone you know who might be struggling today. Send a text to say you’re thinking of them. Call them to say hi. Send them the link above about the Penis Beaker thing to show them they’re not the only nutter out there. It might make them laugh when they really need it.

And, FYI, if the world is sane, and we, the ones who talk about these issues and problems we’ve faced, are the nutjobs. Then I’d rather be like that. If the friend I spoke to yesterday and I, and lots of others I know are the batshit crazy ones, then I’m in the best company.

Thanks for reading.



4 responses to “I started a post…

  1. Great read, its so true I never sit back and think that others are sometimes in a lot more darker places than I’ll ever be, as you say a simple hi how r u might cheer them up and make their day.

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