Parenting. A short story. My entry for @dustandlove’s fiction competition.


I don’t do creative shizzle, but I thought I’d give it a bash as that @DustandLove s running a short story competition. Details of the competition are here so why not get your creative shoes on and have a go.

Here’s mine.


They went to bed. They cuddled and looked into each others eyes. They kissed. Soft lips but a longing in that kiss. Arms moving and hands stroking and touching each other. Tongues pressing, re-emerging feelings of lust.

“Turn the light off?”

“I want to see you.”

“I’m not ready for that yet babe. I’m sorry.”

He turns the light off and she kisses him passionately. Fiercely. And then…

A sudden movement away.

“He’s coughing”

“I know. He’s had a sniffle all day. Teething.”

“Okay.” A nervous tone to her voice.

Underwear removed. Quickly. Bodies shifting and a kiss, a bite, a long slow lick along his neck.  Hands, fingers. An urgency. He moves on top and eases inside her and then…

“He’s still coughing. Shall I…”

“He’ll be fine. If it gets worse I’ll go and see him. The Calpol’s on the dresser”

He moves inside her slowly.

“That’s good”

“You like that?”

“No. It’s good that the Calpol is in here. Did you bring the spoon up too?”

“I did.”

A slow, gentle movement. A slow thrust and a response. An arched back, her head leans back and her slim neck becomes so available to him. So visible. Alabaster white in no light.

“Ohhh god. Oh god”

“I know. I know darling. It’so good”

“No. I just wish he’d stop coughing.”

She stops and stays motionless. They hear crying from the room next door.

“He’s awake now. I’ll go and…”

“No, I’ll go.”

He withdraws. The duvet moves back into modesty mode as the light is turned on. Underwear is put back on and he doses out the medicine.

“It’s gonna be a long night I think.”

“Yeah. Try and get some sleep.”


The End.


Thanks for reading.

10 responses to “Parenting. A short story. My entry for @dustandlove’s fiction competition.

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  2. I swear they do it on purpose.. A brilliant use of 300 words. I do like the way the scenes work with each other. Tightrope. Loved it.

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