Getting active with the kids in the kitchen

Getting active with the kids in the kitchen in association with SuperSavvyMe

If you’re anything like me then you’ll be bearded, 5ft 11 and LOVE cooking with your children. I see cooking with my children as a learning adventure for us all. It helps gives them confidence, they learn maths and a bit of science along the way without even knowing it, they get a chance to be creative and it helps boost their self-esteem when they see the cookies, cakes, pizzas and dishes we make, and taste just how AWESOME they are. It helps teach them how to follow instructions, teaches them a little bit of patience, and these are all good life skills innit.

No apron here. Parenting fail.

No apron here. Parenting fail.

Cooking with my children is much more enjoyable than simply preparing something for them. IMHO.

Cooking with Tiernan and Keela means they get to choose what goes on a pizza or into a pasta sauce, into the cookies or cakes. And chopping and tasting fresh foods and wholesome veg as you go along helps them get used to different tastes, different textures and new fun foods. Plus we make some wonderful cakes.

Yeah. Get us. We made this.

Yeah. Get us. We made this.

If you’ve never tried it then go for it. Not every night maybe but at weekends, when you have more time and here are some great tips on preparing healthy family meals with the children

Of course, one must be careful. Safety first always rules and so we always wash our hands and we always have safe culinary appliances, or Daddy does the sharp stuff. The likes of wooden spoons, non-breakable mixing bowls and plastic whisks are just a few of the kid-friendly items available but we’ve all got these right? Just don’t let them use the electric carving knife. It took hours to have my thumb and forefinger stitched back on again.

Apron on. Let's DO this.

Apron on. Let’s DO this.

And so we start cooking  and yes it can get messy. I always rock an apron and so do the children, usually. Certain foods can stain clothes and so we apron up which saves us on having to loads of washing. The kids are usually very tidy to be fair, it’s me that ends up messy or with a floury handprint on my bottom. And then they run away when everything is cooking and leave me to the cleaning. Cheers guys. Must sort that one out…

Would we do that? No. That's a shocking accusation Daddy!

Would we do that? No. That’s a shocking accusation Daddy!

Walking around a supermarket picking and choosing what goes into your meals is a laugh too, although it can get a bit random. “No darling, we can’t have foam banana sweeties in a pasta sauce”. But we can use them to decorate cakes. But growing your own, if you can is also fun. You could decide to create a small vegetable patch in the garden, and then you can teach your children where certain ingredients come from and they can tend to them. And they can feel proud when they pick their first cherry tomato and then scoff it before you’ve had a chance to say anything.

T helping on our allotment

T helping on our allotment

Something we love doing is making bread, and I’ve made bread the lazy way since they were born as I have a breadmaker. But now they’re older getting them to help is such a laugh. Making bread is science in action, so we’re all learning all the time, weighing out the ingredients and mixing everything together. Kneading is a laugh and a half and, on a more serious level, I can monitor salt levels and make breads and rolls we like and so we know what goes in them. Okay, so they don’t always come out brilliantly but we’ve had fun doing it. And we all eat it. Even if they are a bit… dense at times.

"Is it ready to eat now Daddy?"

“Is it ready to eat now Daddy?”

So why not take a look at this, a list of  activities for your kids to do in the kitchen and let’s get cooking.

Thanks for reading.


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