What I Wore Wednesday

Hello my little fashionistas, and I hope the fantastic @melaina25 doesn’t mind me joining in with What I Wore Wednesday this week. It’s all a bit of fun right? *Awaits slap from the Transatlantic Blonde*

Fashion. Me and it go as well together as a plate of shit sandwiches at a wedding buffet. But one must wear clothes. Going out in le nude is often frowned upon. Plus, there’s nowhere to put your mobile phone and I’m not putting it up there again. *Shudders*

As a SAHD I had a uniform. In the reflux days it was a white shirt or white t-shirt, to cover the little reflux stains that came up after feeds. When the children got older and we’d have beans or spaghetti for lunch I’d slip into a little orange or red tshirt. But basically,every day, it would be jeans, shirt or t-shirt and a muslin on my shoulder. When cooking I’d wear an apron. And I do look rather fetching in an apron.

At the beginning, when Tiernan was born, I’d often forget that sterilising fluid bleaches the colours from everything, so I’ve ruined more t-shirts and jumpers than I care to think about. Hence the decision to go with white. And don’t worry, it wasn’t the same t-shirt every day. I had about 20.

So, today? What is I wearing? Well. Here goes.


Black tshirt: Ontloederen.com – a great online company who provide clothes for the older man who still says shizzle. A lot.

Beard and hair courtesy of 65 million years of evolution.


Jeans. Fatface. Socks. Shitfaced. Both available online or inshop.

Coat 2

Coat. By Foster and Allen. Or is it Marx and Engels? Can’t remember, but it’s wicked skills.

Scarf. Gift from much cherished friend.

Ohhh you love it. You wanna see the coat again right? Here you go. Different angle.


Coat: By Chas & Dave. Beard: Models own.

So, what’re you wearing on today? I know someone who asks me this question a lot. I usually respond by saying culottes and a snood because, well. That’s what I’m usually wearing.

Please join in with the linky and thank you for indulging me with some silliness. And yes, I am doing Blue Steel. Obvs.


2 responses to “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Acid print jeans, rolled up so they’re about 3/4. Black suede creepers. Black crochet jumper. Ironic oversized gold chain. Studded belt. Bringing the ‘don’t fucking TALK TO ME, GOD!’ into Library Services.

    Nice coat. Goes well with your…beard.


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