Sunday Summary 29/09/13


Ach. I should stop doing shizzle like that. This week @yasaikatsucurry pointed out my white, middle class, 41 year old status and pointed out how I am never more white, middle class and 41, than when chattin’ yoot. So I should stop this shizzle right?

Any road up,  I’ve not done one of these in a while. It’s a little list of blog posts I’ve done this week, and things I’ve loved.

My posts are here, so if you feel inclined, please take a look

Monday Melodies with @kim_chyna: Love this as it’s a fun way to kick off the week. I’ll be joining in each Monday with @kim_chyna so hope you do too.

Coitus Interruptus: A post about what NOT to say during sexytime. Some of the comments are HILARIOUS as people share their experiences, or those of ‘a friend.’

The Gallery – Faces: Not joined in with #TheGallery for a while but three faces in this. Two gorgeous, one not.

Action Aid – Childhood Memories:  I was honoured to be asked by @ActionAidUK to write a post supporting their excellent #REBUILD campaign, working to rebuild the lives of children who have been devastated by war. It’s a great campaign I’m keen to support in any way.

I’m also fortunate enough to be able to host two awesome but very different Guest Posts which you might like to read. One entitled ‘Is Grand Theft Auto suitable for a 9 year old?‘ by @Pols80 which was Mumsnet’s Blog of The Day, and another called Open, a story about an open marriage by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. Both are brilliantly written and honest, in very different ways, so please take a look.

I also wrote a post with @MammaPolitico for our joint project, She Said That, He Said This, which prompted some debate. Does a salary of £60,000 a year make you rich? There are some really cool comments, so thank you all for those. We also did another one about hated foods. Which foods do you hate?

In other news I’m writing an entry for @dustandlove’s fiction competition. Details of this are here so please get stuck in and give it a go. I’m honoured to be hosting an entry by @citygirlnomore called ‘Parenting – The Darker Side‘ so please take a look, as it’s a wonderful piece of writing.

What else has floated my boat this week?

Well, this is a fantastic idea. All about the power of words. Please take a look at Each Chosen Word by my tennis doubles partner and go-to person for all things AWESOMES, the sublime @mammapolitico.

The legend that is @NolandZebra3 has some wicked skills news on his blog post. HE MADE STARSKY FROM STARSKY AND HUTCH LAUGH!

The glorious @mummybarrow got ranty. And who could blame her. This ASDA Mental Patient costume thing was a massive arse up so why not have a rant. Great post this despite it containing a terrifying picture of me.

And the delightful @greenleaf_be posted an older blog post about depression which that @thejeremyvine responded to thuswise:

Greenleaf Be

So best read it then right? It’s a beautifully written post and I am so SO glad she’s out the other side of this now as she’s one of Life’s good ones. She’s also teaching me Flemish and doesn’t seem to mind me brutalising her mother tongue.  So to speak.

And so we have a new blogger in the house. FRESH MEAT! The divine @Pols80 has started a blog and I LOVE it. I’m not calling her Pols anymore, I’m calling her Skills and that’s because it’s apt. Please take a look and give a new blogger some loving.

And finally. Read this piece of GENIUS. Confessions of a Cleaner by @C0dfanglers – I won’t say anything more other than just read it. You WILL like it.

If you get a chance this week, take a look at OCCOBaby, a brilliant idea. It’s a new baby website where parents recommend, organise and co-operatively buy brilliant things. I SO needed this when we were buying stuff when Tiernan was on his way, and I’m glad to help recommend things for new parents. I’m sure we’ve all bought stuff which is ALL THE AWESOME and other things which are ALL THE POINTLESS, and in tough economic times recommendations for what to buy and what not to buy are worth a lot. Check them out and follow the wonderful Angelique at @OCCObaby

Thanks for reading. If you’re not following the people mentioned above, do. They’re all brilliant.

I kiss you all on both cheeks.

Much love. Go forth. Be strong.

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