Action Aid – Childhood Memories

ActionAid are running a campaign to help rebuild the lives of children who have been devastated by war and I am keen to support this, and so, I’m giving this a bit of an airing on my humble blog.

As part of the campaign actress and ActionAid Ambassador Sarah Alexander travelled to Sierra Leone, a country recovering from civil war, to visit ActionAid’s child sponsorship work.  The video is here so please take a look.

Sarah said of her trip: “Children in conflict are at the forefront of everyone’s minds due to what’s happening in Syria. I’ve seen with my own eyes just how devastating the effects of war are long-term on generations of children. Please help us to give everyone the right to a happy childhood.”

I’m lucky. My children are lucky. We live in a country where we don’t suffer the same fears and terrors as those in countries ravaged by war and violence. Of course, our country does have its own problems and of course there are children in danger, in fear, behind closed doors. The tears in my eyes now are for any child denied a safe and loving upbringing. For anyone denied a childhood.

But that’s another time and another blog post, inspired by a friend who I was talking with the other day. Someone whose words have made me sit up and get proactive. You know who you are. So thank you.

This campaign, in fact any campaign on this subject, anything helping children live a safe and happy life is worth supporting. We all want the best for our children. We all want the best for all children. They are the people who will govern the future. The world will soon be in their hands so we’ve got to give them a chance to take it into a new direction.

ActionAid’s work is crucial. Important. And something I am keen to support in any way.

Most people in the UK have fond memories of growing up but that is not often the case for children who have been affected by war.

With this in mind, various celebrities have recreated some childhood memories and there is a wee video here. Please take a look as it’s fun and there are some great stories by some well known names and faces.

And so, somehow, Action Aid suggested I do the same. Not that I’m a celebrity in any way, but it’s a fun way of getting a serious message out there.  My picture is here. As a boy I spent hours playing with Lego. Making rockets, cars, spaceships and whole new worlds while sitting on my bed. I still have some of my old Lego left, So this is me, this morning, sitting on my bed. About to make a rocket.


The pieces feel different in my hands now. I’m bigger. I’m not that boy any more. It all feels so small and looks teeny but the feeling of being able to make ANYTHING at all from what’s in front of you. That amazing feeling of being able to create something exciting and fun from the things laid out before you.

A bit like Life really. For us fortunate ones.

So tweet @ActionAidUK and tell them you’re supporting #REBUILD. Or recreate a childhood memory on your blog. And let me know when you have. Or just take a picture of you recreating a childhood memory and tweet me @adadcalledspen , tweet @ActionAidUK and use #REBUILD in that tweet. I’d love to see what you’ve done. And check out ActionAid on Facebook too by going here and clicking a LIKE. I like this so much I clicked LIKE, unclicked it and clicked it AGAIN just so I could LIKE IT TWICE.

Let’s have a bit of fun for a serious cause. And lets raise awareness, and lets all spare a thought for those children who, due to circumstances they cannot control, may not make it through today but stand a better chance of doing so due to the work of @ActionAidUK

Thanks for reading.


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