The Gallery – Faces

Not joined in with The Gallery for a while *Slaps own wrist* but thought I would today. Even though when I first saw the title I did think ‘faeces.’ No-one wants to see THAT photo but I guess my mistake also shows how much shit is in my brain.

And so, it’s faces. Or a face.


Don’t run away. As a sorbet to cleanse the palate I’ll put pictures of the faces that mean so much to me. But let’s talk about my face first. Briefly.

You see, I’ve always been told that I look grumpy. Even when I look happy I look a bit grumpy. A bit glowery. Dunno why. It’s just my face and there’s not much I can do with it. I’ve been told I look like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. Do I? Or is it just the way I was born? Born to look like this? Who knows. I’d pretty much describe myself as a ‘two bagger’ most of the time but what can one do? At least I have my sense of humour huh?

So, this is my face, today. This morning. Smiling.

My Face

The thing is, I’ve been told my children look like me. And they have so much joy in their faces I just can’t see it. When they smile, which is A LOT, the sun comes out. Even if it’s pissing down with rain. You know? That moment which makes life so damn wonderful. The next photos were taken within minutes of meeting them for the first time. I look at these photos a lot and even now, looking at these photos I see the child they are in the baby they were. The little lip thing with T when he sleeps. The slight downturn of the lips with K as she sleeps. The most beautiful faces in this world. In my world.


I’m not religious, I don’t pray, but if I did I’d pray that these wee things never grow up to have a face like mine. Never look like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders, and hope their smiles which you can see at the head of this blog are there for all to see. Always. I’ll do my best to make sure they are.

Thanks for reading, now head on over to Sticky Fingers and join in the fun.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

10 responses to “The Gallery – Faces

  1. They are adorable and this is a lovely post. They do look like you only their mouths move upwards at the corners and open into lovely toothy grins. Maybe you can get them to teach you?

  2. What a wonderful prayer, not that they never look like you but that they always smile – beautiful!
    ps – I bet your smile is bigger than that when you’re watching them unchecked šŸ˜‰

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