Monday Melodies with @kim_chyna


Rubbing my hands with GLEE at joining in with this linky, set up by the wonderful @kim_chyna who blogs at Living with Mr M & Les Enfants. If you don’t follow her on Twitter, please do, as she’s aces. And take a look at her blog too as it’s a real gem.

So. This linky is simple. All you have to do is choose a song which reflects your mood each Monday.  Skills eh?

And so here’s mine for today. Actually, it’s been in my head for QUITE A WHILE thanks to @HpMcQ *Ahem* but it’s FUNNY. And very catchy. And asks one of the BIGGEST questions known to mankind.

What’s your song for today? Click on the badge below which will take you to the linky, and join the heck in.

Go forth, be strong and thanks again to @kim_chyna for setting up this rather AWESOME link.

Living with Mr M & Les Enfants

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