A letter to my son before his first day at school


Dear Tiernan,

Tomorrow you start your first day at school. A big day.

Maybe not for you but for me, certainly. You were a baby 6 seconds ago. You’re now going to school. How time flies.

I’m sorry I can’t be there to take you to school. When you were born I had all these thoughts flying into my head so quickly. When I held you for the first time I thought ‘this is the first of many things we’ll do together’. And I thought, as I held you so tenderly, protectively, with so much love, that I’d be doing similar when it was your first day at school. Walking to the gates holding your hand, tenderly, protectively and with all the love in my heart.

It’s not to be. But you’ll be with your mummy and I know she will be doing the same. And I know she will feel exactly as I do.

It’s school. It’s not a big thing but it kind of is. You’ll be in one for the next 12-14 years and school is something we all remember. Some people remember their first day at school and if you do, when you’re older, I hope it’s a good memory.

You’re excited. You’re ready for it.

If it gets hard, talk to us. Your mum and I. If anything happens that you don’t like, talk to us. If you struggle or find things hard, talk to us. Your mum is a brilliant woman and will help you through anything and so will I. We will always help you. Let’s face it. Your mummy and daddy are pretty clever people, in different ways. If you need me to help you with homework then… well. I’ll do my best. We’ll get there in the end and we’ll have fun doing so. I promise. Hey, I’ll probably learn something when we do. I’ve learnt so much about life from you already.

I’ve got a hunch you’ll do well.

You’re a big boy now, as you tell me. I know you are. I remember the ultrasound scan and, I was very proud. No escaping the fact you were a boy.

And so, Tiernan, my son, and one half of my Sun, you’re a fun, confident and brilliant boy. Be yourself. Always.  You’ll have fun, your confidence will shine, and you’ll have a brilliant time.

Good luck on your first day at school, but I don’t think you’ll need luck at all.

But please take all my love with you.

Yours, always,

Daddy XXX


11 responses to “A letter to my son before his first day at school

  1. Oh Spencer, what a lovely yet emotional letter. I had a lump in my throat while reading it.
    Sorry you are not able to hold his hand to his first day at big school. So much has been tweeted these last few days about mums and the children and perhaps we have forgotten how painful yet proud it is for dads. I’m sure he will tell you all about it next time you see your lovely children.
    Thinking of you & other dads in the same situation.
    Love & hugs
    Sheerie xxxxxx

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, it’s been a bit hard seeing people saying things like ‘Thank god the children have gone back to school’ when you just want to be with your own but I know Tiernan will be fine on his first day. 🙂

  2. Oh Spencer what a lovely post. I have the feeling Tiernan will be just fine. And if he’s not, then you’ll be there for him helping him work it all out. And we’ll be here for you xx

  3. He’s gorgeous Spencer. I don’t suppose I’ll get to do the first day at school, when William’s finally big enough. But I’ll be thinking of him from my desk at work. It’s so hard being a parent – you want to breathe in EVERY moment. And yet some you just can’t share. Doesn’t stop us from loving them completely though. How did he do?

  4. This brought tears to my eyes, it is so lovely to hear such love and emotion from a fathers viewpoint. Glad to see from you earlier comments that all went well on his first day.

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