The Map


Keela was tired. We had a wee cuddle and Tiernan mooched over to the the right hand side of the bed. He knew Keela was snoozing and so he whispered,


‘Yes Tiernan?

‘I’m drawing you a map.’

‘You coming for a wee nap?’

‘No Daddy. I want to draw you a map.’

Keela was away, asleep, and it was a nap. Bless her when she sleeps but Tiernan knows to be quieter when she’s snoozing. They’ve been together forever.

He looked over and placed paper on the side of the bed. He held it in place with his hand and drew me a map. His pen so true in his hand. His intentions obvious as his eyes flicked left and right…

‘Here’s London. And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer’s how we get get there. Need to draw Dave car.’


‘Yes Tiernan.’

‘This is map for you. So you don’t forget.’

‘Forget what mister?’


He continued drawing and telling me the things on the map.  45 seconds of pen to paper and he give me his map.

‘It’s so you know where I am Daddy.’

Keela was still dozing so I asked Tiernan to get me a piece of paper.

‘Why daddy?’

‘Well, you drew me a map so I should do the same. So you don’t forget I’ve not forgotten.’

I drew a park, full of dinosaurs, swings, trees and two smiling faces. I drew biscuits and and a bus stop. I drew a road from the bus stop. Some of what we’d done that day.

‘We did that today daddy’

I drew a railway bridge.

‘Four roundabouts and… can you draw our house?;

‘Of course. Roundabout, roundabout roundabout, roundabout.’

The smile on my son’s face when I say the word roundabout is a creeper. It’s a silly word. Say it once and he starts to smile, Say it twice he’ll smile. Say it four times and he’ll giggle and lose it.

‘And the beach, Draw the place where we met our friends in the rain’

I drew a looping line and a train station and some fish. And some rain.

I drew a house. I drew a house I know so well.

‘What colour is the door?’

‘Blue daddy’

‘How many windows upstairs?’

‘Four. My bedroom, Keela’s bedroom , your bedroom and mummy’s bedroom.’

‘There are only three windows. Mummy’s bedroom is at the back of the house.’

‘Please draw four daddy. Please draw four windows.’

‘It’s not going to look like your house though.’

He moved all the maps and pens and all associated with it away. He climbed on the bed and started to cry.

‘I love you Mister.’

‘I know Daddy. I just want four windows. All together. Me, Keela, Mummy and Daddy. ‘

Thanks for reading.

10 responses to “The Map

  1. That’s beautiful Spencer. As beautiful as it is sad. Tiernan is a very intelligent boy. Wish everyone could have windows & people where they need it too.

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