Me and Andy Murray

andy murray

This isn’t going to be a post where I sensationally reveal that Andy Murray and I are heavily involved in a relationship or anything like that. I’ll keep that for another time. This is simply a post where I find myself in turmoil and need some advice.

You see, I like watching tennis. And I think Andy Murray is a very talented sportsman, a great tennis player, and I really want him to win at everything. So I sit down and watch him, biscuits and tea at the ready and guess what happens?

He loses.

Every time.

I’ve never seen the bloke win a match.

I stayed away from watching Wimbledon all last year and he got through to the final. I sat to watch the final and then… he lost. The only match I watched Murray play and there I am, rooting for him from afar, putting extra spin into every serve, urging every return to stay in the lines or on the lines and yet, actually, I’m the kiss of death.

This year I’ve not watched any Wimbledon on the tellybox and he stands a win away from an amazing feat. A win away from being the Mens Wimbledon Singles Champion. And I’d love to see this happen but… well. If I put the TV on, even if he’s two sets up and serving for Championship point SOMETHING will go wrong. I know it. I know it because I cause it.

I can’t do this to him can I? I can’t watch. I feel sorry for him. Well, as much as one can feel sorry for someone whose career earnings is something like 18 million quid. He deserves this win as he’s worked hard and is a naturally talented sportsman.

I reckon if I watched Andy Murray walking his dog the dog would run off, never to return. If I saw Andy Murray in a supermarket carpark he’d forget where he parked his car. If I saw Andy Murray riding a bike he’d forget how to ride a bike, and NO-ONE FORGETS HOW TO RIDE A BIKE.

What do I do? I have a fair bit of turmoil going on right now in Life in general but this? This one is doing my head in. Do I watch it or not so watch it? Should I stay or should I go?

Of course, it’s not me. I know it’s not me simply switching on the telly and ruining Andy Murray’s career. It can’t be that. Can it?

Maybe it is. I had the same thing going on with Greg Rusdeski. I never saw him win either.

All and any advice please via my usual comments portal. The match starts at 2.00pm so I need to know if I go lock myself in my panic room or not. Oh, and good luck Andy Murray. Unless I’ve now totally borked your chances.

And thanks for reading.


17 responses to “Me and Andy Murray

  1. I do the “if I don’t watch, you’ll win”. Then give in and watch. Which showed a flaw at the Olympics, but nowhere else: US Open, of course, doesn’t count as it was way past my bedtime. Listened on the radio for a bit, gave up as listening obviously had the same effect as watching…putting the hex on things. Next morning: he’d only gone and won the thing.

    But I’m going to be brave today and watch. And screech. And squeal. And generally get over-heated on an already over-heated day. Too much to hope for a Murray win but…you never know what fate has in store.

    PS Enjoy it!!!

  2. I so get this! I haven’t watched a single serve let alone a game yet and I find myself in the same position. I want to watch but feel maybe I shouldn’t. And then of course if he wins I won’t be able to say I was cheering him on with every shot.

    • I don’t think it’s me. I think. But I can’t be sure. I am watching it so perhaps it’s time I broke my duck, so to speak.

  3. I don’t get the national obsession with tennis for 2 weeks of the year and AT NO OTHER TIME! I say crack on if that’s what floats your boat, I’ll mostly be playing with lego.

  4. I didn’t watch any of this year’s tournament until the semi finals. I joined Murray’s game after he had lost the first set. He went on to win the next three. I then watched the whole of the final. It must be me who s the lucky charm 😉

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