Blogging isn’t good for you

is blogging good for you

So says my family.  Experts in the field of social media and me, obvs nobs.

I’m being repeatedly told to stop blogging. Because it’s not good for me.

‘Stop blogging, I don’t know why you do it it’s not good for you.’ Like that. If I had a pound for everytime I’ve been told that I’d have a lot of pounds.

The chance to explain would be nice. Appreciated. But instead I just get shouted down when I try.

Just. Stop it. Now.

Comments from supportive people about things I’ve struggled with. Those aren’t good for me. Apparently.

Being nominated for awards based on what I blog about. This is not good for me.

Having posts published in books. This is not good for me.

Being asked to speak at conferences about blogging. This is not good for me.

Friends I’ve made through blogging. All the kind words about the things that I bloog about. The arms reaching out from all around the world, kind and thoughtful words, supportive words and caring souls, people taking the time to comment on posts that I’ve written when I’ve felt lower than I ever could.

These are actively bad for me.

No congratulations. No I’m really pleased for you. No well dones. None of that. No chance to sit down and explain anything about it. It’s damaging, self-indulgent and, obviously, bad for me.

And as for Twitter. Well don’t get them started on that.

I think they just don’t get it. But then I would say that. Because it’s so bad for me obviously my brain has been addled and riddled with some sort of blogging disease. Tropical Ooga Booga Monkey Virus or something. And that stuff’ll kill ya.

I had a conversation with someone else who disapproves of me blogging, but doesn’t disapprove of blogs per se. In a certain sector, say, science or to do with one’s work it’s okay. Actively encouraged. Good to read. But this personal blogging stuff is just not good. For me, for anyone. It’s all self-indulgent.

Aren’t all blogs personal to a degree? To some extent? One can write a kind of personal blog but not too personal because, actually, it’s not good for you. Or for me. Or for anyone. It’s not good for you. It’s not because someone says so.

Maybe they all have a point. I mean, who wants to read what people are going through? The highs and lows of people’s lives? Who wants to read this sort of self-indulgent rubbish? It’s not good for anyone. It’s all bad. And society will crumble and cats will start to walk backwards, it will snow in May and it ALL will bring about the end of the world.

And as for blogging about being told not to blog because blogging is bad for you? Well, it’s not good for you. And this post which I found confirms The Top Ten Dangers of Blogging. It’s a good one so please take a read. I think we could ALL learn something from this.

Yes, this is a kind of a rant. A bit. Ish. But not. Obviously I respect other people’s opinions and think about what they say. Take their comments on board. Read all the cards posted into the comments section of my soul and mull over them. Perhaps a bit too much.

And so today I ask the question, have you ever had someone, anyone, others disapprove of your blog? If so, what was said? Why did they say it? How did you resolve it? Was there a particular post you wrote which caused people to go ‘Now steady on a bit’ and have you ever had someone tell you that blogging isn’t good for you?

All comments and experiences are welcomed. Perhaps they will allow me to put together a fully formed argument which will change someone’s opinions. Maybe. Perhaps.

And as always, thanks for reading.


27 responses to “Blogging isn’t good for you

  1. It’s usually only the hubby who ‘disapproves’ of blogging – not so much mine, just in general, and all types of social media. But going on his social skills I’m not too worried. I don’t get the awards or readers like you do but I hold fast that blogging is good for you. Otherwise we wouldn’t all be doing it.

  2. I have never had a single negative comment about my blogging but then again I can’t claim to match even half of your achievements. Perhaps we should do some cyber trading. I’ll take on some of your moaners in exchange for a couple of loyal readers :0)

    • Deal. You can take the moaners and the achievements and I’ll just carry on doing what I’m doing. Sound okay?
      Thanks mate 🙂

  3. Of course, blogs are personal – not even “to a degree”. Twitter is a snapshot into somebody’s life. A blog is an album of snapshots of that person.

    I don’t think blogging is dangerous per se. Of course, by its very nature, a blog IS self-indulgent because it’s about the person writing it – their thoughts, their fears, their triumphs, their disasters (unless writing a blog about splitting the atom before breakfast which, frankly, I’d find deeply boring). The “funny thing happened on the way to the forum” moments. Or a rant about something. Or putting an important memory into the written word. Or just cathartic, honest paragraphs about a certain point in time or an ongoing situation.

    It helps if a blog is beautifully written. Which yours are.

  4. Oh Spencer – what a time you’re going through. Great blog yesterday as well btw, Glad you had a lovely day before another reality came crashing down. Blog away, it’s for you. You’re witty, respectful, informative and charming. We are not here for other people to understand, we are here to understand ourselves. xx

    • If I may say this, and this might not be the best compliment you’ve ever had, you’re my Yoda. Thanks for always being supportive and helpful. Your words have given me strength at times when I’ve felt, quite frankly. like plop.

  5. I say – you’re not forcing anyone to read your blog and most of the time there is usually an automatic dislike to all things one doesn’t understand . Keep with it because I for one like reading it!

  6. Don’t you dare stop! Who cares what others think…I have been told similar things (though I’m not nearly as successful or prolific as you and I haven’t written anything for ages and ages)

    “They” (whoever that may be) will find a problem in everything we choose to do.

    I love reading your words…

  7. You are a talented writer. End of. Who knows where your blog could take you? I love writing because of the journey it takes people on, and I would say that it is particularly important for you at the moment (and that is my professional opinion, so raspberries to those party poppers!).

  8. My husband is ambivilant about me blogging.

    He is pleased that it is going ok for me in an ever so slightly patronising way. He never reads any of my posts but is paranoid and suspicious about what sort of information I am making public about our family (which if he read it he would know is very little).

    I rarely discuss my blog with him and he never asks.

    I also have a very old and very close friend who has gone slightly odd since I started blogging. Again she never talks about it and so I feel I cannot bring it up easily in conversation. Others are really supportive and complimentery.

    It seems that it is more common than I thought.

    Really enjoyed you post. You have achieved alot, so don’t let others put you down 🙂

    • Thank you for reading and for your comment.

      I think the key is as long as those who have reservations are happy with the information out there then it’s not going to be a problem, but then it’s the balance about writing what you want and not, perhaps, sometimes, being able to because of others reservations and fears.

      It’s a tricky balancing act but one must be mindful of not upsetting those closest to you. But you seem to be doing it well. 🙂

  9. I think it’s one of those things where those of us who feel we have to write in some way do, and people who don’t feel that need just don’t get it. And I’m always at a total loss to explain it to them. And yeah, don’t get people started on twitter, it’s like you’ve tried to put your life and kids up for sale they way people look at you…

    • I think you’re right. Some get it, some don’t but those who don’t tend to be very vocal. Annoyingly.

      Thanks for reading and for your comment. 🙂

      • That’s exactly it. Some people have to write, to share, to explore things. Others would rather keep it locked in. I am estranged from most of my family and part of the reason was my blog. I try to respect their wishes that I refrain from mentioning The Family but sometimes I just need to write it out, for my sanity apart from anything else. Sadly some people will never understand.

  10. Sorry I’ve not got back to you btw Spen. Mad busy here.

    I’ve not had much negativity about my blog but someone did say to me “stop writing about political things, people come to your blog for recipes”. My response was “it’s my blog”. (I don’t think I’ve written that many political posts anyway.)

    But most people have been pretty proud of me and positive. In my day to day life I don’t get the chance to use much creativity so it’s important for me.

    To be honest I talk about giving it up every 6 months or so and get talked back into it. It’s the time commitment mostly.

  11. Great post. My wife is (thankfully) generally supportive but I’m being constantly reminded that blogging is a hobby. That’s no bad thing, I guess, as it helps to keep me on the straight and narrow and remember that I need to spend more time with my family than I do writing about being with them. And isn’t that the key thing? If blogging helps you straighten things out in your head or has a helpful or cathartic effect that helps you be a better dad, surely it’s a good thing? If it gets to the point where it becomes detrimental to family life (and I can tell from what you write that it isn’t), then it’s time to scale back. But not yet, in your case.

  12. Brilliant post, as usual. It’s a pity you have received negative comments about blogging, especially when you are obviously a natural and very good at it. The achievements and recognition speak for themselves surely.
    I hadn’t received any negative comments myself, until very recently. I think it maybe because people who don’t blog, simply don’t understand the effort, thought and work that goes into it.
    I too find it hard to discuss my blog with my friends, similar experience to hannahblythin (above). They don’t blog and therefore don’t understand, so I carry on regardless – maybe one day they’ll take an interest.
    Try to brush off the negativity and blog on..

  13. Wow this has stirred a wealth of views! Blogging is not understood by those who don’t blog and don’t “get ” social media. Virtual friends are shunned as pretend even when you meet in real live (looking forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks by the way). I have a theory that there is a bit of jealousy going on from those “out of the loop” it is easier to pour water on your success because they don’t get it than to try and understand and support. That’s my answer to those who say the same to me. Mine is a business blog and I still suffer the same comments so it isn’t just personal blogs. You keep doing your thing and one day they might see it too!

  14. My family HATE me blogging. They seem to think I am putting Lucas in some form of danger by “splashing him all ove rht einternet and airing your dirty linen”. Most of them refuse to read my work and won’t even discuss it. Makes me even more encouraged to succedd and become a published writer………

  15. I am blessed to be surrounded by supportive people. The worst I face is indifference, which is fine by me, nobody as to read my blog, in fact mostly I am amazed that anyone does. For me it has been a hugely positive thing, adding colour, life, friendship, a voice, and opportunity to a life that had felt a little small when at home with a young baby last year. He has grown now, and so have I, and so has my blog. I love it, can’t see me stopping for anybody!

    • Absolutely what Sonya says.

      I kept mine secret from my family and “real life” friends because I was worried they wouldn’t “get it”. Then the husband let slip that I went to Blog Summit and now my whole family read it plus many of my friends who I no longer see since the move to Bristol.

      I am sorry you haven’t had the same support, you are incredibly talented.

  16. I very much share your feelings as I’m right in your shoes! My hubz encouraged me to start blogging because I had so many anger and depression issues, and a year later I’m having so much fun, meeting so many people, and planning a trip to go meet some of them in person this summer. As the only Liberal in a family of Conservatives, it was so refreshing to break outside my limited fishbowl and find other like-minded individuals. However, my extended fam definitely does NOT think blogging is good for me. They bluster and say it’s made me even more unfriendly than ever before. They say I’m more angry now than I used to be. They say I’m walking on dangerous ground and I should maybe see a counselor. And of course the more I protest, the more I prove their point (supposedly). They don’t see that I’m no longer anti-social; I’m meeting new people and trying new things! The don’t see that I’m no longer angry; I’m more focused on the issues I care about and rallying to causes in a more informed manner! They don’t see that I’m no longer depressed; I’m now confident, happy in my own skin, and being creative in various arenas like writing, scrapbooking, home decorating, and even a small bit of painting! They don’t see that I’m no longer unhappy and scared; I’m now secure enough in who I am to be find with looking stupid in public, so that I can finally, in my mid-thirties do things like throw darts, play putt-putt-golf, go bowling… all things I’d never thought to try because I couldn’t bear failing, much less in front of anyone! They don’t see that I’m no longer a quivering mess; I’m now full of life and laughter and satisfaction. If blogging is wrong, baby, I don’t wanna be right! You keep right on doing what you need to do, buddy, and I’m right there with you! 🙂

  17. Ah Spencer, I don’t think you and your family will ever agree on this. I can kind of understand why blogs could appear self indulgent, but if your family took time to read the words and talk to you about it, more importantly listen they would see that this outlet actually helps you make sense of the world around toy and your feelings. I know that the blogging community and your twitter friends offer you great support as you really are in our hearts. Keep going despite the opposition, everyone had their opinion which they are entitled to, just as you are entitled to life your life as you please and write about it all you want. Chin up x

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