Parting is such sweet sorrow


The beauty that is @ageingmatron said to me ages ago that I should get stuck into the 100-word challenge at Julia’s Place

I’ve always felt that I can’t. Shouldn’t. Oughtn’t. It takes great skill to write something not shite in 100 words, and skill I don’t have. The last 100 word thing I wrote with any deft touch was a shopping list. And even that was rubbish as I forgot porridge just to keep it to a 100 word limit, but this week’s theme has been on my mind since I first heard about it and I thought I’d go for it. As a good friend of mine says, ‘Fuck it.’ Parting isn’t just a hair style. It can be like wrenching your soul out through your arse.

Here’s my 100 words.

No reasons. No words. No goodbye.

No. Parting is NOT such sweet sorrow. Hate to break the illusion. 

Want another? While I’m in the mood?

A kiss on a cold forehead. ‘Goodbye nanny.’

One more?

When I leave, T’s arms grip my legs.

‘PLEASE Don’t go daddy.’

His cries stay in my head as I go. I watch his tear stains on my jeans evaporate as I leave town on the train.

Shit stuff.

Mind you, when you leave, after a passionate, loving kiss goodbye, I get to watch an amazing body wiggling into the distance.

Swings and roundabouts eh?

Thanks for reading. Now go over to Julia’s Place and read the good ones. I kiss you on both cheeks.


3 responses to “Parting is such sweet sorrow

  1. Morning fellow 100 worder!See we both CAN do this!Two ‘wordy’ people condensing to a 100 words….perfectimondo!
    Seriously I did love your words,the ones about T gripping your legs made me go ouch and the ones about the amazing body made me grin out loud.Same as you say life is all swings and roundabouts.See you next week!

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