A conversation between a parent and their child


“C’mon. Time to get dressed. We’re going to the doctors.”

“I’m not going.”

“But you’ve been ill all weekend. You’ve been feeling really poorly and I’ve made this appointment so you can feel better.”

“I’m NOT going.” (Pulls cover over their head)

“Why not? The doctor could make you better. They might give you some medicine to make you feel better. That would help wouldn’t it?”

“I’m not going because I said so. I’m too ill.”

“What? Well  then we do need to get you see a doctor if you’re ill.”

“I’ll go tomorrow when I feel better”

“I’ve made an appointment for 9am. It’s 8.20 now. C’mon, just get dressed and we’ll just get there and the doctor might make you feel better, then you can rest all day after that. Deal?”

(Shouts) “I’M. NOT. GOING”

(Take a deep breath. Adopts a firm voice) “YES. YOU. ARE. Or, I’ll call the doctor and they’ll come to see you here. If you’re ill you need to be seen by someone.”

“I’m fine now. I’m not ill.”

“Well that was a miraculous recovery. A moment ago you were too unwell to go to the doctor. Right. If you’re not well then I suggest getting up, having a shower and getting dressed.”

(Shouts) “But I’m NOT WELL. I’ve been ill all weekend and I’m tired. I didn’t sleep last night and I can’t go out. I need to rest.”

“You were snoring pretty impressively last night for someone who couldn’t sleep. And I know this because all weekend I’ve been worried about you because you’ve said you’ve been ill and… to be honest thought you’d try and do this. I knew somewhere in the back of my head that this morning you’d say you didn’t want to go. Now, please. Let’s just go to the doctor.”


“I’m worried about you mum. I want a doctor to see you because you’re losing weight and something is wrong.”

“Leave me alone. I’m not well.”

This happened this morning. This conversation. All this. I thought about telling my mum how my children are more co-operative, how I’ve met more sensible toddlers, three year olds who treat people with more respect but there was no point. I’m not into guilt tripping someone into doing something they don’t want to do. I just need to work out another way.

Sometimes it’s difficult to work out who’s the parent here.

Honestly, I don’t know where she gets it from.

Thanks for reading.


5 responses to “A conversation between a parent and their child

  1. hmmm … promising a lollipop for being a good girl probably won’t cut the mustard either! Well done for not telling her a toddler is better behaved – it would have gone down like a lead balloon.

    You did your best and although her decision is not logical short of throwing her over your shoulder you will struggle to win this one. Hugs to you both.

    • Thanks for your comment and for reading.

      I’ve made another appointment *Sigh* for Wednesday, so maybe we’ll have the same thing again then or perhaps she’ll realise that I have her best interests at heart and go to it.

  2. Serious post but very cleverly written, reader thinks it is one of the kids 😉

    You are very patient and I hope she realises how you want to look after her and you get her to the doc.

    Sam x

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