A bedtime story


This evening after dinnertime, saying goodbye to their mummy time,  bathtime and storytime I put Keela down to bed, covered her with her blanket, and gave her a kiss. She asked for one more hug. I picked her up and gave her a huge hug, and her arms were around my neck.

‘Daddy. I love you. And your beard is tickly but it’s nice because it’s Daddy’s beard. So that’s ALL good.’

I have no idea where my children pick up phrases like ‘all good.’ Oh heck. Next they’ll be saying something’s ‘bang tidy’ soon.

From the next room I hear;

‘Daddy Daddy I need to tell you something!’

I open the door and put my head in.

‘Night night Tiernan. It’s bedtime.’

‘But Daddy, I need to tell you a bedtime story.”

‘Okay Tiernan. How does it go?’

‘You need to sit on my bed.’

I walk into the room and sit on the edge of Tiernan’s bed.

‘Sure thing Mr Storyteller. I’m ready.’

‘Once upon a time there was Daddy and Tiernan and Keela and we went to the supermarket and daddy bought EVERYTHING and in the supermarket there was a pirate with a hook and a shark. And the shark tried to eat us and the pirate tried to hurt us but Daddy and Tiernan and Keela all sang a song, and then the shark ate the pirate and the shark really liked the song and so the shark became our friend and he came home with us and lived in a pond in the garden and he was really nice. And they all lived happily ever after.’

‘Thank you Tiernan, that’s very lovely of you. I can’t remember the last time someone told me a bedtime story. It must’ve been when I was a very little boy. Perhaps tomorrow night you can tell that story to Keela. She might like it.’

‘That’s okay Daddy. Now YOU sleep well Daddy.’

Tiernan gave me a kiss.

‘Night night sweet dreams and I love you Daddy.’

‘Night night sweet dreams and I love you too Tiernan. Always.’

To say I’ve missed them just doesn’t do it justice.

Thanks for reading.




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