Angry Anger

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Today sees a bit of a change in my mood. I’m still feeling low but now some things are making me very angry indeed. Little things. Lots of little things which all kinda pile up and then… kaboom. I explode a bit.

Not sure if I should list them. Not sure that anyone actually wants to read about the irrritating details in my life.

Actually, bowslocks. As this blog is just me getting the bad things out of my head I will. With a bit of luck I’ll feel better and if I swear creatively it might just help.

  • I’ve set up a new email account with GMX and I can’t get into it. No idea why, it keeps saying ‘server error’ and I can’t see my inbox. This is annoying as I NEED to send an email NOW and the one thing you expect from a webmail hosting company is that they get their shoot together and make the wonking thing work. Perhaps they have a server, an old 386 which has decided to pack in. Perhaps the mice powering their office have gone on strike. Either way, it’s flucking driving me moontal as I need to send this email and I had to set up this account because…
  • … I can’t get into my gmail account on my laptop as I can’t remember the titting password. I’ve tried password recovery and Google are asking me to verify my identity using my credit card details, details they’ve never phucking had before, and sounds as dodgy as a bathful of nicked biscuits sold quickly from the back of a van. I can access my gmail on my phone, nay problems, but I can’t log in on my laptop. It’s frustrating and now it sounds like Google are trying to charge me for it. Don’t they have enough money? Don’t they already have enough money to build a Death Star and take over worlds? Oh no, now they want more of mine. No way Sergey. I ain’t paying for your biscuits. Do one. Jog on. Oh, which reminds me…
  • … the email I’m trying to send is to my old letting agency are trying to charge me to fix stuff that was broken when I moved into my old flat. Blimey I hated that flat. Almost as much as I hated the town it was in. The only good thing about that town? My children. The only other good thing about that town? Leaving it. That flat represented something bad for me and I can’t put my finger on what it was. I certainly never wanted to be there but was because my children were down the road. And yes, I had some fun times at the flat with my children but once a badly fitted sliding door almost fell on them and that’s what the quints are trying to charge me £745 to fix when it was kerplunked in the first place.
  • I went out today to buy some vegetables as I’m making a chicken casserole in the slow cooker. I went out to find amusingly shaped vegetables but only saw conventional, normal shaped ones. Flack me, what is the world coming to when you can’t buy a vegetable that looks like a tallywhacker?
  • The slow cooker is poosing me off too as it’s so boom numbingly slow. Get a wiggle on for Geoff’s sake. Sort it out.
  • I went out to buy noob-shaped vegetables and forgot to buy any biscuits. So I must go out again and buy some biscuits otherwise I will be sans biscuits. This isn’t a big thing but I’m getting annoyed by how my brain works, or doesn’t at times. I can’t rely upon my head. My heart, yes. It’s constant and true, but my head’s all over the shop at times. Like a pig on roller skates

Is anything else pissing me off? The big things in my life are doable and I’m working on those. I’m less chipping away at them and more taking a socking great sledgehammer to the walls and knocking it into some nice open plan area. All these problems are connected and so if I put them all in the same space I can see the challenges ahead and get on with it.

The anger is subsiding. My email is open now and I’ve sent the thing. I just found two onions and a banana and arranged them to look like a cock and balls. I’ve just found a packet of biscuits so I don’t need to go out. Google is still being a bum nugget but I’ll sort that. The slow cooker cooks things slowly, so I must remember that, and it’s smelling divine. Chicken casserole. Dinner. Yum balls.

But I felt anger, and now the anger has faded. I felt it and it felt good to feel something again. It’s better than feeling nothing.

What last made you reet angry? Something today? Something silly and trivial? Please let me know via my comments portal and maybe writing it all down will make you feel a little better too.

Thanks for reading.

8 responses to “Angry Anger

  1. I have to be honest – the puppy caused me to be angry yesterday. Money is limited right now and I had a day bus ticket so I wanted to take him out for a wee jolly. I shut the dog in his ‘bedroom’ and took the pup to the front door for his lead on. He went back and let the dog out … three times we repeated this until I got so angry that I put the pup in his bed too and went out on my own.

    I wasn’t really angry at the puppy but at the waste of the bus ticket because it is still too far for the wee pup to walk into the town and I want him to meet people.

    You are right … writing it down helps so I blogged about it yesterday with the disclaimer “no puppies were injured or traumatised in the making of this blog” 🙂

  2. What the hell kind of door costs £745 to repair? Too many things are either pissing me off or making me angry to put anything down, but I’m glad you felt something other than nothing, even if it was anger.

  3. I too was angry yesterday. So annoyed I blogged about it. And I can’t get into my gmail either despite having 3 accounts and resetting passwords. It’s a pile of pants. Hope you are feeling better now.

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