Top Secret



The things we bloggers do eh?

The things we bloggers do for stats. Numbers. Readers. Views. Click. Some bloggers plug their blogs using the best software, hardware and semi-floppy but still effective-ware in the business, some sign up to forums, some endlessly tweet and retweet their posts, some DM others asking them to RT their posts, some even DM The ME and ask The ME to retweet their posts! The cheek of it! Some tie their blogs up to Facebook, Google +, MySpace, FuckBook and and Shnoofter, all in the name of getting a few more pages views a month.

Me? I go one further. I broke into the secret laboratories at CBeebies HQ up in The North in order to find you clips of the next series of Baby Jake, clips I managed to get on my mobile cameraphone before I was captured. I heard that in order to make the new series even more irritating than the last the makers tied it up with something current and zeitgeisty and… well. You’ll see what I mean.

This is so exclusive and TOP SECRET that I had to abseil under their laser systems, naked, and fight Ra-Ra The Noisy Lion in order to get to the gates. I scaled the gates, fought with Driver Dan, beat off Squiglet and eventually had a lightsabre fight with Cerri. And we all know how that ended.

So, in order to boost stats and salvage my flagging reputation as a blogger here is some exclusive BJ footage.

Enjoy new Baby Jake.

And more. I managed to get a bit more before The Tweenies captured me and put me in their dungeon. The overlord of CBeebies, Justin Fletcher, will be round to interrogate me later. Wish me luck.

Thanks for giving a shit, and Happy New Year.


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