Think about the penguins with Ecover Zero – A review

Ecover ZERO

I’m doing a review and a proper one this time. Don’t worry, I haven’t sold my soul in exchange for pretty baubels and trinkets but I’m thinking of doing more if this goes down well. And also, dear readers, don’t worry. All reviews will be in my usual style. Which means I will probably use the word shizzle at some point.

Anyhow, on with the review.


When my ex-wife and I first got together she was appalled by how much washing up liquid I used. When we lived together she insisted that we decant washing up liquid into a little dispenser.

“Spencer” she said, “you just need to use a SQUIRT from the dispenser and that’s enough. Most washing up liquids are full of harmful chemicals and colouring which takes years to break down. It will have terrible consequences for the environment if people like you use that much every time you do the washing up! The polar ice caps will melt and there will be terrible consequences for marine life. You like penguins Spencer, so please. Just a little squirt from now on eh? Just think about the penguins.”

And so I have been. Ever since. But it’s easy to go for the cheaper BOGOF offers when you buy cleaning products and as such I’ve never bought something which claims to be ecologically sound. So when I received a parcel from Ecover, containing Ecover ZERO washing up liquid and Ecover ZERO non-bio laundry liquid, both for sensitive skin, I was insanely pleased to try them out. They also arrived around my birthday which was an extra bonus.

Ecover state “When it comes to the environment; our products are made from natural, sustainable plant-based ingredients and we’re constantly working to ensure they leave fewer unwanted residues, biodegrade even more quickly and have less impact on aquatic life. But even more importantly, we’re developing our products using renewable science: in ingredients, development and use.”

Bonus! Now I really can think about the penguins. I bet Pingu is well chuffed.

But not as chuffed as me, as I’ve been using these products since August. The washing up liquid is farking epic! Last year my ex bought some washing up liquid from a well-known supermarket that shall remain nameless but called Tesco. At the time I was a stay at home dad and so I did a lot of washing up as I cooked all the meals for my two children and my ex-wife and I. This washing liquid, within a few uses, ripped my hands to pieces and I had to use washing up gloves, which I hate. Seriously, my hands looked like The Singing Detective’s. And they HURT.

No problems though with this Ecover ZERO washing up shizzle, there are No Nasties, and so I threw away my washing up gloves and found myself set free!  It  doesn’t smell of anything either, which I like. No jasmine blossom and mifty wiff waff here, no colouring, nothing. Just a straightforward product which doesn’t make your hands look like they’ve been dipped in hot oil when you do the washing up, and one which, most importantly, works.

The laundry liquid is also excellent. I gave it to my ex wife to use as she has T&K living with her and so it would do more hard yards at her house, but I also gave it to her as she has very sensitive skin. The perfect guinea pig, so to speak. She had no problems with it at all apart from the fact that she likes laundry liquid and powder to smell of something but she said it did the job well. We live in a very hard water area but the laundry liquid removed food stains easily from my children’s clothing even at 30 degrees, which means you can be green and clean at the same time.

I’ve also used it and prefer it to anything else I’ve tried BECAUSE it doesn’t smell of anything. I don’t like smelling like a Lush shop whenever I stick my pants on, and so I’m gonna opt for this in the future over any other products.

Yeah, I got it for free so I could review it on this little piece of the interweb, but I’ll definitely be buying Ecover ZERO products from now on. I have been converted. And I reckon you will be too if you try some. I’d say that thing the BBC say ‘other products are available’ but I won’t as this stuff is much better than anything else I’ve tried.

Why not follow @EcoverUK for the chance to win some Ecover products in time for Christmas, and find out more about the Ecover ZERO range by clicking here.

So, penguin fans, this Christmas, if you have relatives coming over and have to feed the 5,000 at the last minute, then get some Ecover ZERO Washing Up liquid in your kitbag for when it’s time to escape and do the washing up. Not only will your hands thank you for it, but so will the penguins.

Thanks for reading.

4 responses to “Think about the penguins with Ecover Zero – A review

  1. Yeay! I love Ecover products, I have eczema on my hands and if I so much as open a bottle of brand fabric conditioner, my eyes sting, my body itches. Actually I used Comfort sensitive recently in an emergency (the one with the baby on the label) and my sister’s body went red and she described it as feeling like she was on fire. What exactly do they put in there? It’s kinda scary. Also two of the things I love about Ecover is that you can get refills at a cheaper price (usually in a healthfood store) and their bottles are made of plantastic! I don’t have any chemicals in my house anymore, just ecover products! 🙂

    • Yay! Glad you like the products too. I’m so totally converted by them and will ensure that I only buy these products in future.
      Thanks for reading and for your comment. Ecover crew rockin’ da house!

  2. I might switch washing up liquid. I tried ecover dishwasher tabs and wasn’t impressed, but if you think it works (and doesn’t screw up your skin) then I’ll give it a go

  3. I had no idea about how harmful regular washing-up liquid is. I go crazy with it in my washing-up bowl. You learn something new every day. Think I might give their liquid a bash. For the penguins. 🙂

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