A blog post about not being able to write a blog post

I’ve hit a wall. A mahoosive one.

I’ve hit a motherfucking, twenty feet high brick wall when it comes to blogging, and I’m standing at the bottom of it looking up and thinking ‘Fuck. How do I get over this?’ And I’m scared of heights and I’m about as able to climb as a fish wearing roller skates.

It’s a bit like the words in my head to describe life and some of the things that going on are all gone. I’m even struggling to write emails so any sort of content for any blog posts are certainly beyond me just now. I’ve started about 15 only to leave them as they just feel a little bit forced and, well, shit. So instead I have 15 little icons on my laptop desktop glaring at me for not returning to them to finish them off. One or two of them are frowning at me.

Perhaps I’m taking this a bit too personally.

I think I know why I’ve hit a wall. I started blogging about my life as a stay at home dad and now I’m not that. I’m a dad but I’m not with the children 24/7 any more, and so I don’t have so much to report. Life is okay just now. No gloomy depression hanging about my shoulders. The children are fine, and… well. That’s it really. There are some private things that I could blog about but won’t as they are private and, I’ve learnt my lesson when it comes to things like that.

On the phone to a friend today I asked about their day hoping that they wouldn’t reciprocate because, quite simply, I’d done nothing. Which felt a bit shameful.

Nothing to report was my answer, and I think that’s my problem with blogging at the moment. Nothing to report.

I told myself I’d never blog about not blogging as, it would be some words about nothing, but decided, just now, on a whim, to go for it as it might help me scale this big fucking wall. Lets face it, if I can write about not doing something then I should be able to write about anything. That’s how it works right?

So, what did I do this morning? I didn’t just stare at the walls. Probably because my walls are very boring.

But not quite as boring as me, now it comes down to detailing what I actually did.

I had some toast and two cups of tea. I watched a documentary series online which disappointed me. I’ve got to that age where I watch documentaries about World War II. I’m turning into a typical bloke. Next I’ll be reading biographies of cricketers and, when it comes to dancing at any point in the future, all my best and funkiest moves will have gone and I’ll suddenly be only capable of dad dancing.

Oh fuck. It’s the start of the slippery slope. Next I’ll be playing Football Manager on my laptop and wondering where a day went. I’ll be picking my ears with a pen and looking at the end when I’m all picked out.

Perhaps I’ll write a blog post about it.

So, apologies for this post of, nothing. Normal service will be resumed soon. I need to find the things which make me shout ‘cockwombles’ and rant and rage against everything in the world that annoys me. Our government, the mismanaging of the NHS, X Factor, Piers Fucking Morgan, benefit cuts, the John Lewis Christmas ad or how much I dislike the Junior Apprentice. It reminds me of that bog roll ad with the toddler wearing the suit. Creepy.

Have you ever hit a blogging wall, and if so, how have you got over, under or around it? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

And thanks for reading.


26 responses to “A blog post about not being able to write a blog post

  1. blog less perhaps. I feel like sometimes I am just bored of sharing and sometimes I have a lot to share, hence the slightly erratic nature of my blog. But then I don’t do reviews, care for stats and all of that, so I lieve quite happily with my laziness.

  2. When my morning sickness was at its worse a couple of months ago I found I had no blog inspiration. I think I did write a post about my toilet but there is only so much blogging you can do about vomiting! It came back though as I’m sure yours will, just enjoy the break until then!

  3. Hit blogging walls all the time. Then I blog cause I feel guilty. Is anyone begging me to blog. Not that I know of. No offense meant, I love your blogs but it’s ok. It’s not your profession, you’re not slacking on the job. Blog when you’re redy and for god’s sake, make it interesting! x

    • Thanks Jenny. I will do. Each time I have an idea for something I’ll just bang it out. Perhaps I’m overthinking it and that’s not much fun.
      Great advice. As per. 🙂

  4. What are you on about, mate. You’re writing about life, and life is most of the time boring and filled with a whole lot of nothing. I enjoyed this post very much. Whenever I feel really uninspired, I watch a lot of stand-up comedy, sometimes even clips of it on youtube. What do they talk about? Absofuckinglutely nothing but every day living – because that’s what hits closest to home, and that usually pisses me off enough or inspires me enough to get an idea going. Keep writing.

  5. I’m with from fun to mum!
    Blog when I can, about nothing in particular! I’ve lots of ideas flying round but no time to post ! Come back when you are ready! I like reading most things about people’s day to day stuff! It satisfies my nosiness. Perhaps a name change? Or perhaps just blog your time with your children?
    As the great Kate Bush said with that bloke from Genesis. Don’t give up!

  6. Blogging about blogging are my favourite kind of posts! I decided at the weekend that I had no more blog posts in me. Couldn’t think of a single one. Because, like you, nothing much happens most days. Maybe you should try the 100 word challenge, It always ensures at least one idea a week for me and, after your 80 word world tour 100 words will be a luxury. Failing that, there’s usually some nib in a newspaper that one can expand on for a laugh. But don’t fear gaps. Some of the best bloggers I know only beguile me once every few weeks or months – that @ministryofmum for instance. Suspense is good!

  7. It’s not what you blog, it’s how you blog. Never read a dud post from you, and don’t intend to start. Blogging about not blogging at some point is practically mandatory, no? Perhaps Anna is right about doing the 100 word challenge.

  8. I wouldn’t worry about it too much mate, everyone gets writer’s block at some stage and we’re only human (The Stone Roses released their second album in less time that it’s taken me to write my first proper blog post on my new blog). The beauty of your blog is that you have the opportunity to write about anything, you’re not limited to one subject (like I am music) and that’s what I, and I’m sure many other people, love about it.

    You’re always welcome to come and guest post over at mine as well. I really want to get people involved in my forthcoming ‘Why I fucking love (add something about music here)’ series. Would love to see what you’d come up with for that.

    Looking forward to your next post already (no pressure mind 🙂

    • Thanks matey! Sounds good. I’ll give it some thought, but the thing with music is there’s so much I fucking love. Think I might do something on why I love Motown though, as it’s something I grew up with and can really relate to. How does that sound?

  9. Totally relate to this and sometimes it’s OK not to feel inspired or feel like you have nothing to say. Take the break and things will resume when you least expect it. The best book I ever read about writing was Dorethea Brande’s Becoming a Writer-she was the original advocate of ‘Morning Notes’-just writing a stream of consciousness every morning, never reading what you have written to exercise that muscle-the book was written in the 30’s and is a true writer’s gift. Has helped me find my voice (again) and again!

    • Brilliant tip! Think I’ll start doing this and try to find a copy of the book! Many many thanks. You might just have given me the kick up the tookas I needed!

  10. I feel your pain. I constantly hit these fecking walls! Advice that has been given to me is: Do something that you wouldn’t normally do (might start the cogs turning), try writing something that you normally wouldn’t write, and someone gifted me Rory Story Cubes app. I know the not writing sucks but whatever you do, don’t ever stop!

    • Thanks very much. Ruts are easy to get stuck into, both in blogging and in life, and so I’ll take your advice. Walk a different route into town and around town and try to see something or experience something different. It’s a great and very simple suggestion.
      Thanks for reading.

  11. I find that blogging, even with a ‘just cos’ attitude (as in non-professional / a bit whatevs / I’m not killing myself to get to the top) can be a bastard of an albatross when you have nothing to say.
    Its existance pokes you in the brain nagging at you to post ANYTHING to keep it going but where does that pressure come from?
    Some days we sit and fester in PJs and fill our bellies with food and don’t do much else really. Find the interesting or the funny in that and you’ve got gold my friend.
    Until then, read lots and stalk people on Twitter and watch your documentaries under your slanket and most importantly enjoy that things are OK 😉

    • Many thanks. I hope all is well with you too.
      Certainly I know I’m never gonna kill myself to get to the top as I know I’m never gonna get to the top but as long as I enjoy what I’m writing then that’s key.
      Thanks for reading and for commenting.

  12. Ha ha. That really made me laugh. eknoe is right – the best comedy comes out of discussing life’s minutiae. You’re already a favourite of mine for that one post alone!

  13. Happens to us all! TBH I would rather be happy and have nothing to say, then in the pits of hell, but with great numbers of blog readers, but of course for most of us there is a middle ground. I rarely have anything in reserve for the blog, if nothing comes up I just say nothing until it does! I know plenty who have posts stacked up waiting, but I always was a last minute kind of girl!

  14. You’ve really hit the nail on the head! Hope u are finding it reassuring that alot of other bloggers find themselves hitting walls alot. I myself found this alot over the last two months and only just now I’ve realised its ‘ok’ NOT to blog! So I dont force it out, nor do I feel guilty about not blogging for a while. Like many have said, it’ll come back to u – though seems like it has from this great post in itself!
    Hungry Jenny x
    I too find those dancing suit babies quite scary..

  15. Well if that’s what you write when you can’t blog, I wouldn’t worry! I loved that post 🙂 I’ve never hit a wall myself – every time I think I might be running out of things to say, I get another four ideas. It’s bound to dry up eventually!

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