A letter to my daughter on the eve of her 2nd birthday

My darling girl,

It’s your second birthday tomorrow. A milestone in so many ways but also because it’s the only occasion when your age doubles overnight.

I know you’ll have a wonderful day, and I know that you’ll have fun at playgroup in the morning, and I look forward to taking you home to a party that your mum and I have planned for you. And yes, there will be a bouncy castle.

At 5.26am on October 11th 2010 when I thought your mum had said ‘My watch has broken’ which prompted me to say ‘Well you can check the time on the alarm clock’, what she actually said was ‘My waters have broken.’ We’d worried a bit, because you were past your due date, and really that was quite unneccessary. Two clever people like your mum and I worrying. But you do. One day you might know this yourself.

We got ourselves ready and went to the hospital. Mary took T home and later you were born. I met you for the first time. I held you and didn’t want to let go. Every time I see you I feel the same way.

You are, as your name describes you, a beauty that can only be described by poetry, and my stupid words here will never be able to describe a small portion of exactly what you are.

I’m sorry that I’ve been sad recently. This week would’ve been a wedding anniversary for your mum and I, and it’s been tough for me I’m afraid but I’m glad you’ve not had to see that. I’ve felt sad, and with your birthday following on a few days later, I’ve thought back to how life was so very different on the day you were born. But, as you’ll find, life sends some problems your way sometimes, and it’s how you deal with them that count, and that’s one of the things that defines you.

While I may have been sad, know this: I will always have a strength in me that means I will always overcome such difficult times. And that’s down to the fact that you’re here, brightening up my universe. I never want to let you down. I look at you, have looked at you, and always feel an immense sense of warmth, like a glow inside me, and that leads me to the conclusion that whatever life slings at me I’ll be able to deal with it. Because I want you to be as proud of me as I am of you.

My darling girl. You make rainy days full of sun. You make dark clouds disappear and you make me the happiest man that has ever set foot on the earth. You are incredible, and I know you always will be. You have so much ahead of you, but know that I will always do whatever I can to help you reach the heights, and never feel the lows. I can’t protect you from everything as you grow up, and God knows I’d love to, but even when I’m not with you I’ll always be holding out my hand, if ever you need it.

I wish you a very happy birthday. From the bottom of this massive old heart of mine.

Yours, from an always proud and eternally loving,



25 responses to “A letter to my daughter on the eve of her 2nd birthday

  1. How very beautiful. I had a lump in my throat reading that. I hope your little lady has an amazing birthday xxx

  2. I’m crying. I’m a “big little girl” (nearly ancient) but, even now, a message like that from my pa would be the best thing…ever. Hope your treasured little girl has a wonderfully happy birthday.

  3. A beautiful letter to a beautiful girl. I’m sure it’ll mean so much to her to read the love in those words.
    She is incredibly lucky to have a Daddy who loves her so much x

  4. I’ve found a way to comment at last – huzzah! A bittersweet day isn’t it but she will have fun and I hope you take pleasure in knowing that as sad as you get, she knows she’s loves – and that’s the best present anyone can give.

  5. What a beautiful letter, sorry to hear you have been sad but here’s hoping that tomorrow and all the days after it are full of happiness. Your daughter is very lucky (having such an ace dad…and a bouncy castle!).

  6. Aww, how lovely, sorry to hear you have been sad but you obviously love that little girl very much. This entry made me smile.

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