I Spy… something beginning with I

…with my little eye. Something beginning with I. Aye aye chicken pie.

Joining in again today with @jbmumofone ‘s meme which I dip into when I can. Sometimes I just can’t think about a thing that begins with a certain letter but, perhaps I try to hard to find something obscure or fiendish.

Today I thought, as I ransacked my flat for inspiration, that I must be the only person in the universe without a thing that begins with ‘I’ in their house. I don’t have an Ipad, Iphone, or Ipod. People in tribes which have never seen civilisation have more I-gadgets than me. I once saw a tribal elder on an edition of ‘Tribe with Bruce Parry’ and he was listening to an Ipod. I think he was enjoying a wee bit of Franz Ferdinand.

But I do have this, the original I-gadget. But what in the wide world of sport is it? I’ve applied a couple of filters to give it some poke, and fiendishness.

Have a little guesslet, if you wish to, and then over to @jbmumofone ‘s brilliant blog and check out some of the others. No prizes I’m afraid, just the glory of competing against your peers and shouting WINNER in their faces if and when you get it right.

And thanks for playing.

Mum of One

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