I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

Had a bit of a chat with the wonderful@isthatthetime last night about passport photos and I wondered, for a giggle, how many people would be willing to show theirs?

Stop sniggering at the back, I mean passport photo. To the world.

At some point someone has to see it. It’s done, it’s out there and it doesn’t get a lot of love. So why not let more people see it? Some people spend a fortune on a passport for it to be used, I dunno, twice in 10 years. The rest of the time it sits in a drawer unloved. The photo steadily burning away at your brain box, it’s horrors increasing and multiplying in your head like pages spaffing from a fucked photocopier.

In mine? MAN ALIVE I LOOK TERRIBLE but mainly because… well, I look terrible all of the time.

So, the idea? Post a photo of yourself from your passport, work ID photo badge, driving licence or similar and use three words to describe how you think you look. It can be now, current, or from olden times, from days of yore, or from yesterday, last year or from when you were a student or child. The more the merrier. Bonus points if you look particularly silly.

I wonder if anyone would like to sponsor this and give out a prize? Hmmm. If you do want to, then please let me know.

I think it’s good to take the piss out of yourself once in a while. Mainly before someone else does. But anyone leaving any nasty comments for others will be taken outside and given a spank. So no naughty to others, okay?

Me? Gimme your best shot. I’ll take what you’ve got and give it back double innit.

I’ve set up a linky, which is here, so whack your photo ID photo on your blog and link up. If you wish.

Have I forgotten anything?

Ahh, that. Yes. Well here you go. Taken in 2004 at about 6ish in the morning in a Photo Me booth in Baker Street tube station. The three words I use to describe myself are ‘HE LOOKS SIMPLE.’

Please feel free to join in, and tell your friends. Remember, the more the merrier.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to you showing me yours. Fnarr.
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12 responses to “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

  1. oh arse can’t find the ones i wanted to send to you will have to once back in blighty have a fantastic 80’s one i’m wearing a lot of peach
    in the meantime the picture of me on my home page, the child one is my first ever passport photo. i was 18 months old and it was my first trip to the uk.

  2. They let you leave your glasses on??? How on earth did that get through? I’m on my third passport and I’ve been forced to take my specs off for all of them. They recommend you remove them as glare or partial obscurance of your eyes will get rejected!

    • Was fine for me. Perhaps I look trustworthy and you look dodgy?
      Mind you, I did once get taken into a special room when I landed at LAX. An experience I never want to repeat.
      Thanks for commenting. Will you link up?

  3. I had a great picture. I was wearing clean clothes (at the time Mini was a baby) & hair looked presentable, but, shock horror, I was wearing my specs, that, due to their dark rims the passport police didn’t think you could see my eyes enough… So now I have the most hideous, horrendous, harassed picture you can imagine. (I’ll tweet it later), though I suppose it’s the law to have a laughable photo…
    s x

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