Guest Blog Post – A Massive Sporting Event in London (That I can’t talk about)

I’m not going to say anything about this other than the fact that it’s a great guest post by @jlnewhouse87 – a thoroughly decent chap, a dad to a four month old but a top fella in his own right. He blogs here so please give some blog-loving  longtime by checking out his blog and saying hello.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, which is a hell of a lot as it really tickled my funny, and thanks to James for agreeing to grace my humble blog with his post. I’m much honoured.

Over to James.

A Massive Sporting Event in London (That I can’t talk about)

I hope this article in some way highlights the stupidity of a certain current affair in England. In a recent post, Tattooed Mummy pointed out how ridiculous the physical restrictions were that the massive sporting event in London is imposing on the paying attendees. I’d like to highlight some the issues that have been created in terms of branding and use of the certain terms due to trademarking.

I’m a little scared to mention the name of this sporting event in this post for fear of repercussions. This aforementioned sporting event will arrive in our country for the first time since 1948, and yet, due to international “TM’ing” or something, we’re not even really allowed to write about it unless it is in a completely positive manner, uncommercial, and presumably reviewed by their digital marketing team/the Gestapo, using the power of the internet to find and pester us.

OK, it’s probably not that bad, and I’m sure many of you will just “get on with it”, write about it and then move on, and to be perfectly honest, there probably wouldn’t be any trouble for you anyway.

One thing is certain. If I had used any terminology in this article that was listed in their branding guidelines as a “no-no” then I wouldn’t be able to put a link in, for say Fruit of the Loom polo shirts, because that would “imply” that Fruit of the Loom are endorsed by you-know-who…! In fact, for the simple reason that I have a past (or current) affiliation with that company, I don’t think I’d be allowed to use the restricted terminology at all. So all you bloggers out there who’ve endorsed a product or company with a banner ad or side bar link, there is the possibility that they would have a genuine case against you if you wrote something they didn’t like.

My real issue with, what is effectively censorship of a free medium (blogging, and the internet in general) is that we, as tax payers are funding this, and in a way, we’re not being given the public platform to criticise perceived problems with the event.

Our national team is even branded and trademarked. I would have liked to have thought that, seeing as these were ‘our’ athletes, that we kind of owned them, or at least should be allowed to display our support for them in our windows or on a t-shirt without paying a ridiculous price for the privilege. So effectively, even if you did want to show positive support, you’d still face the possibility of being silenced. The fact that clothing with branding on it other than the event’s own branding has been banned from the events is enough to drive you crazy.

I came across this comment on a newspaper article earlier today:

“Complete waste of money and an appalling thing to inflict on a city, and for what? The celebration of a poor spectator sport (athletics) that no one watches regularly. We should have bribed FIFA what it took and got the World Cup. We have the stadiums, saving billions. We could spread the groups across the country, sparing London the stress. And people like football, even terrorists (eg: the late gooner Osama bin Laden).”

I think that this sums up my personal feelings on the event, pretty accurately, but there are plenty of people who are in support of it (and rightly so).

James occasionally writes for who are in no way officially or unofficially affiliated with you-know-who or this blog. By allowing this guest post to be published, the blog owner is not necessarily endorsing the links within it, or bad mouthing the event in question or attempting to smuggle a kitten into a randomly selected and paid for sporting event.

So, what do you think of all this?  Please leave a comment and I’ll send them all onto Boris and Seb for their attention.

As always, thanks for reading, and also many thanks to James for this post.


5 responses to “Guest Blog Post – A Massive Sporting Event in London (That I can’t talk about)

    • I heard it’s all to do with the desires of the major sponsors as well as a potential devaluing of the brand. When I heard that I sicked a bit in my mouth.

  1. I feel sorry for all the people who have the word olympics in their name e.g. Brian Tolympics, Phillip Bolympics – there must be several of them. What are they going to do during the games?

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