Ask me anything!

I’ve found out that you can find out an answer to any question by typing that question into Google and letting Yahoo answers give you an answer.It may not be the correct answer but it’s a fun game if ever you’re bored on a train journey, in a car, or during sex.

So here are 5 questions what I and that @motherventing came up with. Followed by some of the BEST answers courtesy of Yahoo answers. Yes, it is another public service performed on the bloggle. To educate, inform and entertain.Ā  Lord Reith would shit himself with glee.

1) What rhymes with orange?

Nothing. Nothing rhymes with silver, either.

Portage, porage, and other stuff with the suffix age!


Your mum

2) Can you still be conscious after you’ve been beheaded?

I heard that people can respond to stuff after being beheaded. But I don’t know.

I can’t remember exactly who it was that actually stated they would keep blinking after they had there head chopped off. I believe he or she was able to blink up to 13 seconds after the head was removed.

I heard that the head can see about 30 seconds after it is severed from thew body. Im not sure if it is true though

Ouch, That would hurt. Imagine being alive after your head is cut off. I think, maybe, that could happen.

Your mum

3) What does “crikey” mean?

Crikey is an old slag word for “Christ!”

An exclamation like “Wow!” “Good Lord!” or “Holy crap look at the size of that crocodile!”

it means like I don’t know. i think it means wow that was weird

Your mum (It’s amazing how this is a popular answer for a lot of questions)

4) Why is the sky blue?

Because it is not any of the other colors

Because it would look funny if it was green

Because its a reflection of the water on Earth. The Earth is 71.1% water.

Your mum

5) Why do pigeons move their heads when they walk?

You know the effect, when walking with a camera in you hand, the pictures are unsteady. It would be the same in the bird’s brain, if they wouldn’t move their heads

that’s how they keep their balance

Newton’s Law

Because your mum does

So, do you have any questions which need answering? A tricky one for the kids homework? Something which is generally just vexing your face with vexation? Ask me via my comments slit and I’ll slip myself into Yahoo and find the funniest answer for you. Who cares if the answer is right or not? Details and accuracy get in the way of a farking good laugh sometimes.


And thanks for reading.


15 responses to “Ask me anything!

  1. Why do women go to the toilet in pairs?

    Do bananas really really wear pyjamas?

    Why do posh people say “orf” for off?

    • According to Yahoo answers. Ready for this?
      1) It’s scary being a girl and going to the toilet by urself, there could be pervy guyz in there
      2) “Yes, to match their slippers” or “yes because it’s a-peeling”
      3) It couldn’t answer it, but the autocorrect on my phone wanted to change it to ‘why do posh people have big teeth?’ for which the answer is ‘because they are inbred.’
      Hope that helps, and thanks for reading.

  2. How do chocolate manufacturers make the chocolate round, with no obvious seams, on chocolates like maltesers, revels and chocolate covered brazil nuts?

    Thank you in advance šŸ˜‰

  3. What is the correct way of making a cup of tea – milk first or boiling water first?

    I always do milk first cause Richard Madeley once said on ‘This Morning’ that otherwise the milk gets scolded. I believed him because he is a handsome man although someone at work told me this was bollocks.

    Help me SAHDandProud, you’re my only hope… x

  4. I got asked by one of my kids at school this week ‘why is the sky blue’ I didn’t quite know how to answer that one, and ‘where does the universe end and heaven start’ that is also a tricky one x

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