A public thank you

While my children have been away in Spain, and while I could’ve been sitting in my flat missing them, in my flat about 10 minutes walk away from my old house, an offer was made to me. One that I very nearly didn’t take up as I could’ve preferred to sit in misery.

An offer to meet friends I haven’t seen in some time, and an offer to meet new friends I’ve chatted to on Twitter.

I’d like to thank @jbmumofone for organising a great night last week, an opportunity for me to walk out of my skin of sadness, and I’d like to thank @motherventing for being such an amazing friend.

She’s kindly let me stay at her house for a few days and this sort of friendship is one that I’ve never experienced before. A real reaching out. She’s known how depressed I’ve been over the past months, and, despite her own troubles and sad times, has extended a hand of friendship which I’ve pushed away in the past. There have been times I’ve felt fucking low, sad, utterly shiterly depressed and all she’s wanted to do is call me, tell me silly joke, listen to my pain and cheer me up.

So many times I’ve not picked up the phone. So many times I’ve said ‘I’ll call you later’ but didn’t.

But, like a true friend, she’s persisted. And, while I could’ve been feeling utter shit this week I’ve been having a really lovely time, with her and her beautiful daughter.

Thank you will never go far enough. The words thank you will never feel adequate enough, but they’re all I have.

So, thank you MoVo.

Thanks for reading, and if you’re not following @motherventing or @jbmumofone then you need to sort that shizzle PDQ.

Friends eh? Where would we be without them?


13 responses to “A public thank you

  1. You’re a lucky man. Never let those friends go as people spend their entire life searching for friends like that and never find them. Though I believe that having friends like that is a reflection on how worthy you are as a person and a friend.

  2. It’s at times like these, that you realise who your true friends are. They don’t judge you on whatever is bothering or hurting you. They accept you for you.
    That MoVo is a good’un and I’m glad to call her my friend too. And you x

  3. Every good blog post should start with Calvin and Hobbes. They are oh so wise. Lovely post, and actually reminded me new friendships are always there waiting to be made, you just have to let them.

  4. I;m glad you’ve known some great friends and that they’ve been there in your time of need. Tis tuly a wonderful part of life and I often too nead coaxing to get out and accept help. Wish you were here or I there so I could give some to you as well. x

  5. What a beautiful tribute. You have found an amazingly strong and loyal friend in MoVo. X

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