I’m annoyed

Today, I’m very annoyed. Very, very VERY fucking annoyed.

So annoyed I went for a long walk, found a field away from houses and people, stood in the middle of it, and shouted swearwords at such a volume I almost made myself vomit.

Did it help? No. Now I’m annoyed because I now have a sore throat.

Earlier I was trying to work out if this is simply frustration or actually a bit of low mood and a sign of dark clouds approaching. Did I just get out of the wrong side of the bed or, actually, are there things in my life which I’m allowed to get annoyed by? I realised it wasn’t low mood. If I was feeling depressed then I wouldn’t be feeling angry or annoyed. I wouldn’t be feeling anything.

I’m annoyed because, in order to get some money I’m entitled to, I have to call some ridiculous 0845 number, which costs ME money, and spend 20 minutes on the phone waiting to tell someone that, actually, THEY fucked up. I have to do this on my mobile so it costs about a tenner each time I’m kept on hold. This is money I could do with, and don’t want to spend it sorting out someone else’s fuck up.

I’m annoyed by my inability to connect to a BT Wireless Hotspot so I can do stuff. So much I need to do is online, from banking to TV to porn. I’m annoyed that I paid for it and it’s not working. I’m annoyed because I paid for it because BT delayed the installation of broadband and phone by a week. If they hadn’t done that, then I would be doing this and I wouldn’t be so annoyed. This wouldn’t be annoying me. But it is. It’s annoying me.

I was joking about the porn by the way.

I’m annoyed by a post I read, and a debate which seems to confuse itself about dad bloggers, separate awards categories for dad bloggers, whether Britmums should now be called something else to incorporate dads and mums, or whether dads should be excluded from the whole shebang. I blog, you blog, we blog about parenting and life shizzle. I enjoyed Britmums Live and felt included, welcomed, valued and I despise division on gender grounds in any form. There’s been enough of it for years so let’s not perpetuate it. It annoys me. It is annoying me.

I’m annoyed by a thing on the radio I heard about grunting tennis players. “They should stop grunting” said one person. Oh fuck off. I don’t see a tennis player coming round to your house and telling you to stop sniffing or scratching your arse. Leave it. It’s annoying.

I’m so annoyed I have an itch under my skin.

I’m annoyed that I can’t see my children more than I do. I’m usually okay by this, sad obviously, but now I’m just annoyed. Nothing I can do about it as they’re off to Spain on Saturday, but I’m annoyed. Something’s gotta change.

I’m annoyed at the pointless stupid weather. It’s cloudy, a bit rainy, but warm and fucking humid. It feels hot and muggy. Clammy and daft. I’m annoyed by the weather. Oh heck. He’s going off on one.

I’m annoyed that my flat is so small and my life isn’t going the way I want it to. I’m trying and have tried to make changes, but this is proving tough and almost impossible because others have to do things in order for this change to occur.

I’m annoyed. I’m annoyed I took something out of the freezer for dinner tonight, a pasta bake I made a while back, and it’s not actually what I want. I feel I ought to eat it because it’s easy and it’s there but actually it’s terrible, and my loss of love for cooking annoys me. I’m now getting annoyed by myself. Oh heck, run for your lives. I’m annoyed.

I’m annoyed by the news, the roads, my trainers, people who text while driving. Banks that make fuck ups. Cream carpets and socks which leave bobbles on that cream carpet. I fixed my vacuum cleaner this morning, so I could hoover some bobbles up from the carpet, but in doing so I scratched a whole load of skin from my knuckles causing them to bleed over a pair of pale trousers and a white t-shirt I was wearing. SO I HAD TO CHANGE MY CLOTHES! This annoyed me.

I swore a lot in a field. In order to expel some anger and annoyance. When simply, probably, actually, all I need to do is just unravel these entangled threads and deal with each thing one by one. Slowly and calmly.

It doesn’t make it any less annoying though.

Is there anything annoying you today? If so, what? Please let me know by commenting in my hole. It could help. If we pool resources then maybe the annoying things will all just fuck off.

Thanks for reading.


50 responses to “I’m annoyed

  1. RAIN. As soon as I go out it rains. As soon as I get home it stops. I plan anything it is guaranteed to rain on it. No barbecues, bike rides or outdoor activities. There are only so many books I can read for gods sake!
    Oh, and teenagers. They are just annoying FULL STOP. When they come home from club land at stupid o’clock and walk around the house doing that very pissed Shhhush! thing. Trying to be quiet but actually making more noise than if they had just walked in normally and gone to bed. That.

  2. Since I assume your internet is now functional, use this site to check if you can get around the 0845 thing: http://www.saynoto0870.com/

    What’s annoying me today? Well, like you, the weather. I can’t stand warm and wet. It makes me sweaty and irritable.

    The other thing is the bottom of my nose/my top lip/filtrum. They are all red raw from blowing my nose roughly a bajillion times a day for the past two months. Even tissues with balm aren’t helping me now. #fuckoffpollen

  3. I love your post. I too am annoyed today.
    I am annoyed because I have a five week old baby and despite my hoping all hopes, it is as shit as it was the first time around.
    I am annoyed he is having trouble feeding, pooing and sleeping, as these are the only things he is able to do.
    I am annoyed you can’t drink when you are breastfeeding.
    I am annoyed smoking is bad for you so I shouldn’t start again (though I desperately want to)
    I am annoyed how fat I have got being pregnant and that it has not magically ‘dropped off’ after giving birth.
    I am annoyed that because I am annoyed about being fat I can not make up for the lack of booze and fags with yummy food.
    I am annoyed you can’t surf while breastfeeding.
    I am annoyed that I hate being a mum and everyone else in the world seems to enjoy it.
    I am annoyed that I have to start work again on Thursday because I am freelance and have no other way of making ends meet.
    I am annoyed that I take my annoyance out on my son who is 3 and an enormous pain in the arse but arguably too young to be blamed for it.
    I am annoyed that it is my fault that he is an enormous pain in the arse.
    I used to be annoyed that no-one else swore in their blogposts, not any-fucking-more 🙂

  4. Sorry you’re annoyed. Most of what’s annoying you sounds very reasonable — but don’t waste energy being annoyed at blog posts that are written to try & cause aggro and debate where none exists. None of the newer bloggers give a damn about that whole thing.

    I’m annoyed that my son’s nursery upset him today by pushing an element of potty training that I don’t think he’s ready for. But that’s a whole other story.

  5. Feel free to shout, scream and swear wherever you are. We all need to be able to do that at times and it’s miles better than wanting to bash something/someone with a cast iron pan – or maybe that’s just me! What annoys me today?

    This blasted weather – it’s nice today but guarantee come weekend it’ll be lashing it down so destroys any hope in getting out for a family day in the outdoors. What else? Drivers that don’t indicate – yes, you may drive your fancy car but did you know your indicator lights don’t work? Mmm, waiting for people to return phone calls – I have been waiting since 9am! Those are my grumbles for today.

  6. You might be annoyed but I find this post refreshing and honest. I too am annoyed at this weather, an email from the bank & rude people this week. Instead of a field I sit on my balcony, turn the air blue and go back inside and smile. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be as shit & annoying for you.

    • Sounds like shouting into the ether is the way forward. We should hold classes.
      Hopefully today will be better. I just have to wait in for an engineer from 7.0am to 6.00pm, FFS. 😉

  7. Maybe the porn shouldn’t be a joke. A good reliever of stress. On a serious note and it took me many years to learn this. Other people, situations, things you can’t control can only tip you over if you allow them to. But BT is a whole other story of course. But are they worth the heart attack? I don’t sodding think so. Take care, because you’re worth it. x

    • Thanks. No BT aren’t worth it but with so much being online nowadays not being able to do it is irritating. Perhaps I should just sit down with a book, a cuppa and a biscuit and stick on some soft relaxing music. Like Motorhead.
      Thanks for reading and for commenting.

  8. What’s annoying me today? Well, I have a low-level of background irritation at being forced to use Windows on my works computer. This spikes whenever I have to go into Sharepoint and reaches critical mass whenever I have to open Sharepoint designer to do anything technical. Stuff that would take a few minutes in a normal, proper, programming language like php just seem to take bloody ages in this half-baked mockery of a coding environment.

    I’m annoyed by people just not being able to use Google. Sometimes I think my entire job here is to operate Google for people who can’t. “How do I get Word to do this..?” Want to know what I’ve just typed into Google and then hit “I’m feeling lucky?” Muppets.

    I’m getting pre-emptively annoyed with the motorists who are going to *have* to get round me as I cycle home. So annoyed I might just stick Lordi on the CyFi and pass on the irritation to everyone I pass.

    On the other hand, that link looks pretty good and the weather’s not bad for cycling.

  9. Hi
    I’m annoyed because after a quite long spell of little pain, my condition is back with avengance. I suspect which is a result of a car accident. I’m fecked off because it can’t be seen, and I look as I did last month .. No crutches no bandages nothing … Still just me . I’m annoyed that if you go on social networking sites and talk about it you are trolling and seeking the sympathy vote. I’m annoyed that it makes my mood dark and life crap …
    However I’m very un – annoyed ! That you have written this great piece of work, bared your thoughts and annoyances and shown us we are all human ! X Jo x

  10. Totally get why you would be grumpy, upset and angry about those things.

    That blog post you mention, is just one of those ‘written to get attention or a rile out of people’ – from that sort of journo perspective. Remember that you’re a great bloke, and 5 mins of your time is worth something, let alone lots more than that. All the people that matter loved having you at the conference and were totally happy with the situation. So remember us, and value your time more – it’s not worth it.

    However seeing your kids – now that is worth it – and that anger is worth capturing and using to make sure things are sorted out. I’ve been watching friends/blogs etc around me recently and I’m horrified but the fact that people can’t seem to separate divorce from all the bits that affect the kids. Now THAT makes me angry – a mum on the phone who only gets her kids every other 3 weeks (ridiculous arrangement for young kids), or the Dad that wrote the post saying he didn’t see his kids on fathers day, or the mum I know who only sees her kids 1 in 4 weekends because she gets them during the week for the shitty bits – homework and bedtime. It makes me want to get a very big frying pan and hit lots of people over the head – arggh. It also makes me worry – what if I end up divorced one day, as loads do, and my other half behaves like them?
    big hugs to you hun xxx

    • I agree that the post was probably like that, to stir things up a bit, but let’s just leave the debate and move on. We blog, you blog, I blog and that’s good isn’t it? People say how men sometimes find it hard to explain themselves and surely blogging in this way is a move to show we’re not all dead on the inside and can share our journey and experiences with our children in this format. People don’t have to read them do they?
      It was wonderful to meet you and thanks for being so friendly and welcoming. You’re one of the good ones.
      The kids side of things is something I do need to look at and resolve. I was with them 24/7, 168 hours a week, and now face the prospect of merely 9 hours a week with them. Something will change I’m sure. My ex-wife and I aren’t stupid or malicious people. We’ll work something out.
      Thanks for taking time to comment.

  11. I enjoyed reading your post about being annoyed, is that odd? I mostly enjoyed it as on a day when I feel like you are today I mostly feel annoyed by the same type of things. I’d like to help you fix the things that annoy you, I’d like to offer you advice, but actually I know from meeting you that you are a smart and capable man and you will work it all out in time. Keep screaming when you need to and stand up for yourself, because you know the things you deserve.

    • Thanks gorgeous. You know when you’re having one of those lives and it all just gets shiteyarseballs? It’s like that today. But from here shizzle get’s sorted innit.
      Thanks for taking the time to read. 🙂

  12. I am annoyed as i am 6 months pregnant severely arthritic and just spent 8 extremely painful days in hospital away from my hubby and daughter and had to misS Britmums due to my body giving up on me. I now have to pay hundreds of pounds out to employ someone to help me look after my daughter 3 days a week when she is not in nusery as I am unable to care for her by myself until the baby is born! And my poor husband is stressed to the hilt.

    I am ANNOYED to! really hope you get things sorted and your mood. picks up soon big hug from me and sorrry my rant is of no use to you but felt good to get it out ;0)

    • And I’m sorry I can’t be much help to you either. If you were local I’d offer to help out.
      I hope the rant is cathartic and I do hope things work out for you, and that life get’s easier.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  13. You have every right to be annoyed. At each and every one of those things, and i think yelling in a field is an excellent idea to depressurise a little of that steam!

    I am annoyed too. Annoyed that almost every part of my life right now is waiting on other peoples actions. and not one of them is in a hurry while I sit in limbo!. My home, my divorce, my relationship decisions, my career, my welll…. my life! aaarrggg… time to find a field too…

    • If you’re ever this way I know an exceptionally good field. I’ll take a picnic.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope things settle down for you too. Truly.

  14. I am annoyed because of my families perpetual NIT CRISIS. I can’t stand it. Really. I am also owed money, and having two cards rejected at my supermarket today just about took me to the brink of argHdom. Bollocks. Today is seriously bollocks! But, tomorrow will be less bollocks. Right?

  15. Hmmm. Today, I was annoyed by a flapjack/carpet interface orchestrated by my recalcitrant daughter. I was annoyed by the lack of pennies in my purse which meant that I couldn’t afford a drink for Moo when we were in the soft play cafe, which prompted an instant tantrum. I was annoyed by my womb deciding to explode in spectacular fashion and with no warning at all. I was annoyed by the unfairness of circumstance which means that I am 200-odd miles away from someone else who is very annoyed, and might need a hug. PHEW. Glad I vented that. Almost as good as trying to find a field… 😉

  16. Go on, let it all out, have a good scream and swear. It is cathartic. You have every right to be annoyed by all of this and more.
    I have been having a bad week. I too have been screaming out loud (in the car on the way home from work) in frustration.
    I take pleasure in the little things, like watching the birds and listening to them sing, clearing a work top, doing some reading of a blog,
    Tomorrow will be a tiny bit better, you are a wonderful person (I read MoVo’s blog) it sounds like you had a great night together and lifted each others spirits.
    Have a great big virtual hug from me.

  17. I am also having one of those days. Not quite on the scale of yours but still annoying. I’m annoyed about people phoning me right when I’m leaving work to ask me to do a task they had all day to speak to me about; having to commute in London; the tube service that collapses at the slightest strain; the ignorant commuters who think they’re entitled to barge people out of the way because they think they’re so much more important…and so on. I hope things get better for you. Oh, and don’t forget to try that ‘say no to 0870’ website. Waddya mean two other people have already suggested that? How ANNOYING!!!

  18. I am also annoyed today. Today is an annoying day. I’m annoyed at the housework. I farking hate it. I’m annoyed about my work cos someone’s being a noob & I fucked up a bit and that annoys me. I really want wine but I can’t because I promised a friend I wouldn’t drink this week because he can’t as his blood pressure is high. He wouldn’t know if I did drink but that’s cheating if I did and pretended I didn’t. Which is annoying. I went up the garden to hang the washing out & screamed. At least you found a field! My neighbours think I’m barmy!

  19. Probably no good, or too late to change anything now, but man on radio the other day said always look for an 01 number for these companies that charge so much for 0845/0844 calls. He said especially if you’re calling from a mobile it can help keep cost of calls lower.

    P.S. You’re blog is cool – another good *real* one to read.

    P.P.S. Were there any cows in the yelling fields? Just thinking they might be sitting typing a cow’s blog, about people who go into fields & start shouting & how annoying that is for then <— That's a joke by the way…….. Cows don't get annoyed.

    • Thanks for your comment and for reading. No cows. Just some soil. I wouldn’t want to annoy any animals. I don’t fancy my chances against a rampaging bovine. 😉

  20. Think this has got to be my favourite post of the week! I love ranty posts about people being annoyed – because it’s real life. There are so many things to get annoyed at (like my comment for one, I don’t doubt). I get annoyed at BT every day, they do my head in with their rip off charges and shit service, not to mention my unbelievably cock connection. I get annoyed at the government because they’re rich and clueless; I get annoyed at social services because most of them a bunch of interfering do-gooders; I get annoyed at my husband cos he never cleans the toilet after he’s splashed it with the contents of his bowels. But most of all, I get annoyed at myself because quite often, it’s easier to complain about the rubbish and ignore what’s amazing in life. And that, flower, is life itself.

    I know, what a fucking annoying comment this is, I can almost visualise you chunnering away to yourself…

    CJ x

    • Not at all. You’re right. I got annoyed with myself for being annoyed which just makes things worse. Today, this morning I got up early, went for a run, saw some flowers in a park and just felt glad I could do such a thing. Sometimes the simple things are both the most complicated ones and also the most beautiful.
      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  21. I’m annoyed with PITA clients who want the earth and won’t pay for it.
    I’m annoyed that it’s 5am and I’m wide awake.
    I’m annoyed that my coffee machine is too loud so I have to wait 90 minutes before inserting my caffeine IV.
    I’m annoyed that I haven’t discovered your blog before now lol

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