I won ANOTHER award!

Molto hoopla and be-boing boing a jiggle jiggle hoopla! I winneded another award, this time from her awesomeness @Eliza_Do_Lots who promised to lick my face when she saw me at Britmums Live.

She bottled it.

She’s one of the good one’s that @Eliza_Do_Lots with a great blog, a ready wit that always makes me do an LOL out loud, and she’s always had supportive words for me whenever I’ve felt total arseballs. For her, for awarding me this gong, I offer thanks beyond words. Meeting her at Britmums was a true pleasure and a lots of fun. Somehow I even managed to persuade her to try and gatecrash a 150th birthday party by saying we were ‘friends of Dave’.

Anyhow, the rules of the award are:

1.Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to their blog.
2.Tell seven facts about yourself.
3.Nominate seven worthy people for the award and let them know

Okay, so I’ve done 1. time for me to reveal seven random things about myself. Here goes.

1) I hate liquorice. I’ll put anything in my mouth and give it a try, foodwise, but liquorice is the only thing I’ll spit out. If it goes IN my mouth then something has gone seriously wrong.

2) I have a problem working out sizes of shizzle by sight. I’m crap, for example, at working out how much should go in a container. Transferring a box of breakfast cereal to the correct sized tupperware doo-dah is something I’m ludicrously shit at. I always put it in one container which is JUST A BIT too small and have stuff left over in the bag. Because I’m a moron.

3) I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing or Grease. Dunno if I want to actually but I think I’ll give any movie a go as I’m a massive film buff.

Well, I’m not actually massive. Regular sized, but you get my drift.

4) I was diagnosed with depression when I was 17. Prior to that I suffered from low moods but put that down to the influence of the Adrian Mole books and a general feeling that the world was , at times, a bit shit. I’ve struggled with it ever since really and have been on all sorts of medication which haven’t really ever had the desired effects. I get depressed by taking antidepressants, which is a stupid thing to say perhaps, but each morning, when I take them, I’m reminded of my failure to be able to deal with life without them.

5) My favourite joke goes like this.

Why does Noddy’s hat have a bell on it?

‘Cos he’s a c***.

No. YOU’RE welcome.

6) Every day I go for a walk to clear my head. There’s a cemetery close to where I live and I walk around as there’s an awesome building in the middle. It’s a disused, boarded up, octagonal shaped chapel but despite it all being closed down still looks stunning and I’d love to get inside and have a peek. But while mooching around I look at the headstones and the overgrown plots and often wonder to myself is it wrong of me to go and tidy up the overgrown ones. Take my gardening gloves and remove the weeds and scrape off the moss. Would anyone really mind? Would anyone object? Or am I just a little bit odd? I’ve yet to do it but one day I might just do some guerilla gardening. Here’s the building anyhow.

7) For years I called an ex-girlfriend’s sister by the wrong name. I bluffed it off as me being a bit scatterbrained and forgetful but actually it’s because I disliked her intensely and knew that it wound her up. This makes me some sort of bastard right?

I won’t tag on this one, as I remember doing something similar to this on my old blog, but I will just say this. If you’re not following @Eliza_Do_Lots on Twitter or reading her blog then please do so. You’re missing out big style.

Thanks for reading.

11 responses to “I won ANOTHER award!

  1. Firstly I want to say wow that building is amazing and I would happily try to sneak a peak inside with you.
    Secondly, I too have in the past suffered with depression. Taking your tablets every day doesn’t make you a failure. I take tablets everyday, and will do for the rest of my life, because my body doesn’t produce enough thyroxin. You take tablets because your body doesn’t produce enough of the ‘feel good’ chemical. It’s the same thing. We are the same. Without our tablets we would be stuffed. You are an amazing and inspiring writer and can rock a hat 😉
    Ps I’m so jealous of you gate crashing a party. Maybe I should start to blog purely so I can be naughty with you all next year haha.

    • Thanks for your comment. I know I have to take them because it’s a pure chemical imbalance but, I guess, sometimes, I’m just really rather tough on myself for little reason.

  2. My OH likes to walk through a cemetery near us, it really spooks me out. Have you ever tried the strawberry flavoured Australian liquorice from Lakeland? I hate black liquorice but this one is really nice.

    • No. I’ve not tried it because it’s called liquorice but I might now. Does it taste of liquorice because if it does then I’m in trouble.
      Thanks for reading.

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