If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from Twitter…

…it’s that you can learn a lot from Twitter.

A while back my son drew on the dining room table in permanent marker. I asked Twitter how to get rid of it and I was told that old school white toothpaste can shift it. It did and I almost fell over. I have since passed this gem onto others who’ve asked similar questions.

I’ve learnt how to craft (Stop sniggering at the back), I’ve learnt new cooking skills, I’ve learnt about some new music to liven up my life, I’ve learnt loads. So much that if I wrote it all down this post would go on for weeks. I’ve had mass debates on Twitter (Stop sniggering I said) which I enjoy doing, mainly because I always feel I come away from these having learnt something. I’m not one for getting into an argument, but one who will openly and freely listen to the views of others in the vague hope that my own opinions can be augmented or reevaluated.

I learnt today, after asking for toast topping suggestions yesterday, that Marmite and strawberry jam is a combination that will make your taste buds love you for the rest of time. It’s so wrong that it’s right. Utterly amazing. I’ll keep that for very special occasions, and very special people.

Like you lot. You lot who follow me on Twitter. You’re amazing. Supportive, funny, interesting, a little crazy at times but in a great way, and fiercely entertaining. I’ve learnt that while I don’t know people on a face-to-face level, sometimes people can reach out to you through the laptop screen. Sharing stories, experiences, joy and heartache touching your heart in ways I never knew possible, or ever thought possible.

This is why I’m not totally cacking my pants in advance of Britmums Live next week. I know I’ll meet people who I’ve been talking to for ages months, people I’ve met through Twitter.

I’ve met people at a couple of tweet-ups that have been organised and, if you haven’t done this, then why not organise a local one and see if people are up for it? Get a group of you together like we did, have dinner and a few drinks. Have a dance. Whatever. I thoroughly recommend it. And, so’s you know, I’ll be organising one in a few weeks time for those around the North Herts/Herts/Cambridge area so watch this space.

I know some people who’ve said that friends or relatives find it a bit odd that they want to meet ‘strangers from the internet’ but it’s this sharing and openness some have that mean, in my view, they’re not actually strangers. Just friends you haven’t met yet.

And so, next week, I’ll be meeting a lot of people who I know, and who know a lot about me, and it feels comforting, not terrifying.

We’re not scared, to quote the children’s book. Well, at least, I’m not.

So if you see me at Britmums Live, mooching around then come on over. Say hello. It will be a pleasure and an honour to finally met you. I’ll be the one that looks like me.

Thanks for reading, thanks to the wonderful people at Britmums for inviting me, and, hopefully, see you soon.

15 responses to “If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from Twitter…

  1. I do believe that twitter enhances life, sad but true! It’s an extension of some real-life friendships and an open door to some new ones. The tips are also great…thanks for those 🙂

  2. I won’t be there but hope you have a brilliant time. I have learned so much since joining Twitter last year too and met some lovely people. If I got drunk with Twitter, I’m sure I’d be blubbing about how much I loved it by the end of the night.

  3. I’m more excited than scared about BritMums, the only thing I worry about is will I actually recognise people? Maybe people need badges with their twitter avi on? would be much easier 🙂

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