Oh heck, it’s a mini-me!

Saw the children this morning and an amazing moment took place. K told me, her mummy and her brother ‘I wuv woo’ and came over for a kiss. It could’ve melted a heart of stone. She knew what she was saying, knew that she’d created quite a stir, and carried on doing it. It was sublime.

Her speech is quite incredible, but then I still find it incredible when my children do a poo. I’m biased. Everything they do is brilliant. Last week, when I was giving her a cuddle just before bed. I had her on my hip and sang ‘Fly Me To The Moon.’ She loved it and repeated the last couple of words of each line. ‘Shtaaaarsh’ ‘Maaaarsh’ ‘kissssh me’. Mwaaaaaah’ ‘mooooooooore’ ‘adooooooooooore’ and, of course, ‘I wuv woo.’

Her brother, while we were chatting, told us all he had “a widgity-woo”. Then he laughed. He knew he was being silly and when we asked him what a widgity-woo was he just kept giggling and saying he had one. A widgity-woo. Whatever one is, I want one as they sound brilliant. But then I realised something. My son likes being silly with words and sounds, just as I do. If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll know I’m prone to bouts of total gibberish, but hearing my son enjoy the same thing made me think. Blimey, he’s turning into me!

His mum pointed out something today as well. They went away for the weekend and while driving, T slept in the car but K didn’t. ‘She sleeps just like her mummy’ she said, ‘while T sleeps just like his daddy. Anywhere.’

Genetics innit. It’s bound to happen. My son has the same pale blue eyes as me and while I don’t think he looks like me people have said he does. His sister has the same eyes as mummy, a darker blue, and while neither of them look particularly like us, people see they’re brother and sister, and make comments about them looking like their parents. How does that work? Is it like some human jigsaw?

I can’t see a resemblance between my mum and I, yet others do. She can’t see it either and says I look like my dad. I could see a bit of a resemblance between my dad, mainly the eyes again, but perhaps, as parents we tend not to in our own kids. I’ve never heard a parent say ‘oh my god my son looks just like me’ yet I’ve often heard them say they look just like the other parent. Certainly my ex-wife could never see a resemblance between her and her parents either. I can see some similarity between her and her dad from photos I’ve seen. A bit. It’s the mouth. But she doesn’t have a beard like he had.

And so I wonder what else my children will inherit from us, in terms of their behaviour. Is this a genes thing or merely them copying something they see us do?

Will they inherit my hatred of standing in a queue in the post office? I have an allergy to standing in queues, usually because the person in front of me has some complex problem, is unable to speak, can only express themselves in mime, flags or all three. Either way, I hate it. I suspect T may end up like this, but K is a little calmer than me.

Will either of them struggle to understand how shuttlecock’s do that boing boingy quick up in the air ting and the floaty down shizzle. That’s not science, design or gravity. Just magic.

I have insanely curly hair. I truly hope that my son doesn’t get this as I often got mistaken for a girl when younger. Irritating when you’re in your mid-twenties.

I have a religious relationship with cheese. My mum’s the same, and so was my grandfather. The kids look like they’ve got the cheese gene. Watch this space on that one. And your cheese, ‘cos otherwise we’ll have it.

I had a good voice as a boy and sang in choirs. I hope my children have the same as it’s a lot of fun. Perhaps my son will, as he’s showing signs of having a clear strong voice, and he has few inhibitions about singing. What if K ends up singing sounds like a ship coming into harbour?

Are your children mini-me’s or do you struggle to see the similarities? Which bits of you do you want them to have or not to have? All answers on a postcard please.

And thanks for reading.

15 responses to “Oh heck, it’s a mini-me!

  1. Our little boy is a mini version of his father without doubt. On closer inspection the facial features he inherits from me are his eyes and nose – that is all. He even has the same hairline as Daddy can you believe!!??

    He has already picked up our traits of being impatient among others. Do I want our son to be like us – yes and no. We both have our quirks but if his disapproving looks at a mere 8 months are anything to go by I think we are safe in the knowledge that he will pick up the best parts from each of us just like we have from our own parents.

    • That’s brilliant. The other thing I don’t want either children to inherit is my, almost bordering on an OCD, tendency to be ridiculously early for things, as I hate being late for anything. That quirk I can thank my mum for.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  2. Your daughter expressed love in a way that made the people around her feel happy and love. She gets that from you too.

    Beautiful post x

    One of my boys has my blue eyes and the strawberry blonde hair I grew up with. They both also think poo jokes are hilarious. That’s definitely me.

  3. My son is the exact copy of his Mother, slightly prone to bouts of temper and highly strung. He looks like her too with straight mousey hair and blue eyes to go with his pale skin. My daughter has Olive skin, brown eyes and black hair – like me, and is just as chilled and easy going as me too. The features are a match too, the boy obviously similar to his mum and the girl is the spit of me as a young boy…. Even I can see it. Although, there are times she reminds me of her mum and the boy of me. Genetics are awesome!

    • Their mum works in human genetics and so she understands just how awesome this field is, and loves what she does.
      Thanks for reading and for commenting. I’m glad you can see some resemblance in your children. My son does a glower a bit like I do which, quite frankly, scares the heck out of me. πŸ™‚

  4. Fascinating stuff. My hub is a geneticist (I can hardly say it) and finds me laughable as I don’t know about X and Y chromosomes etc. I agree that it’s hard to see it yourself though I know for a fact that our daughter looks like him – and people say our son looks more like me. I am just delighted that neither of them have got my legs!

  5. Tons of similarities between Teddy and me. we speak the same, think similarly, have a pretty similar sense of humor though I get weary of the fart and poo jokes a little quicker. We are very similar and he takes after me a lot. How could he not, I’m his only parent. There are things he can do and seems to have gifts for that have nothing to do with me and that’s good too because there are things I wish I could do that he can/ he has a gift for languages and perhaps for art. He’s my son. no doubt.

    • I know that I’m similar to my mum, in many ways, as she was my only parent when growing up. We share similar anxieties which isn’t so cool, but find the same things funny. We’re also quick to anger and very quick to apologise for doing so.
      If your son is anything like you, then he’ll be a true treasure to all who come across him.
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

  6. That Mr Babberblog said Moo looked so much like me today, though I can’t see it myself. I think she is like me in lots of other ways: stroppy, gregarious, quick-tempered, and good-humoured. Since she hangs around me all the time I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s picked up my mannerisms and facial expressions. Oh, she has my olive skin, but her daddy’s blue/grey eyes and brown hair. I think I can see a lot of you in T and K πŸ™‚

    • Thanks. I’d like to think that T and K are the best of both parents. Like one of those half white/half brown loaves.
      I could’ve put that better.

  7. Newbie is 19 days old. Last night, for the first time, someone said she looked like me. It was weird, as currently I think she looks a little bit like the squid baby off of Men in Black! Kids are amazing. They say ‘I wuv woo’ not because they want to influence you, or gain anything. They say it because…..well, they actually mean it. Enjoy x

  8. My son is the double of me in how he looks. Olive skin dark brown eyes and hair. Even has my shape face, my nose everything. People cant believe how much he looks like me. But his personality, thats all his Dad. Loud, outgoing, attention seeking (in a nice laugh at me way). Im a sit in the corner and hope noone notices me sort so he def dont take after me that way.

    • Thanks for sharing. Personality wise I think T is more me and K more her mum. Plus, boy can my son talk! πŸ˜‰

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